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  • Ask her if she has other plans. If she say she does, ask her what they are. If they do not sound legit or specific, ask her anyway.
  • Ask her if she wants to. If she likes you, she should want to go.
  • You could go ahead and ask her ... It could be that she feels that NO One will ask her ; so she says she isn't going ....
  • What part of "IM NOT GOING" didn't you understand?
  • i think it means, at the moment, she is not going to homecoming...that doesn't mean she won't change her mind...
  • well, if u really like her, you should ask her anyways, most of the time if a girl says that it's cuz she dont have a date and doesnt want to go w/ friends. If u like her, n she lies u then she will def say yes. If u lik her n she doesnt lik u then just tell her it will b a fun thing to do w/ a firend. if u both r just friends then just ask to go as friends cuz u think it wood b fun! n if ur any of the above u could always ask to ditch the dance or w/e n go see a movie or (if ur old enough) take her clubing, girls love clubing, thats a real party. :)
  • she said shes not going, ask her if she wants to hang out or something along those line, after party.
  • ask her if she wants to go out to dinner with a movie later if you know what i mean.
  • as a girl, i've told the guy i want to ask me that i wasn't going so he'd ask me. Hm. Maybe they consulted answerbag because they always ask. :)

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