• A change of Government. In a multi-party democracy it's a bad idea to have one party in power for more than 10 years. "Power tends to corrupt."
  • I am satisfied. I really shouldn't complain. I think that pot and prostitution should be legalized. I don't think that people should be encouraged to work so much, but everyone should make a living. I don't like having to pay for the lives of total strangers. I think that driving should be discouraged, but not restricted. I mean like, I think there is something wrong with everyone driving rush hour traffic everyday. It would so much better if people tried to live in the same area as their job.
  • No I am Not. The goverment wants to look so good in the eyes of the world that it is forgetting its own people. We need stricter boarder controls and more jails insted of criminals being released to only re-offend. there are cases here where the same criminals have had a record of doing the same, or simular crimes, over 50 times and still being released.Health system is overloaded and the social services system is top heavy too.Insted of trying to please other contries they should look inside and please their own.
  • very unhappy - country should be named the republic of cronyism
  • I'm English and not at all happy, the first improvement would be a general election :)
  • No im not they need to start looking after the people who have been born here and worked hard all there life before letting others in.
  • i means ..not geological area..but really the people which live there. so i am not satisfied as usual....but the improvement should start from....myself. what is real use of only complaning?
  • Arnold needs to go back to making shitty movies- "Damnit Cohegan give the people the water"
  • Stop giving the jobs to the ethnic minorities over british workers. I know it sounds bad, but theres 1000s of people out of work because ethnic minorities and illegal immigrants will work for less than we will. The eitnic minorities are also being exploited too, they are willing to work for less than the minimum wage; which some are entitled to, but others shouldnt even be in the country Im in the UK by the way, not sure of the situation in the US but we seem to be the only country letting anyone in.
  • england!! swap ALL politicians!
  • Great question. I live in the USA. I'd like to see us raise taxes enough to balance the budget. I've been hearing about balancing it now for 50 years through "efficiency". The deficit's now nearing $13 trillion dollars, so obviously that's not working. I'd like US citizens to learn what works elsewhere and stop listening to the corporatist who have indoctrinated them in rejecting workable solutions like single-payer health care.
  • More needs to be done to investigate the Bu$h Crime League.
  • No im not. Our health service is terrible, the government doesnt know what they are doing and the middle class are being taxed to the hilt. Not good at all.
  • Appalled by the massive expenses fraud of UK politicians. There should be some test to make sure candidates are intelligent enough to know what expenses are incurred simply because they are MPs and which expenses are just ripping off the population. And why don't they publish these famous "Rules" which no-one ever breaks! And why put the blame on the idiotic scottish (pardon the tautology) thug who they could only have elected because they thought he was too stupid and avaricious to do anything about their featherbedding.
  • I am not happy with all the spending by Obama and him dictating what General Motors and other private companies should be doing. Let these companies file for bankruptcy rather than try to control them. I don't like big government with it's nose in everything and that's exactly what Obama is doing. STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON'T HAVE!
  • Not happy. We have no checks or balances against greed or corruption, and both parties seem to work together against the People when it comes to money. We desperately need to control lobbyists. The laws that made the current financial debacle possible still need to be revoked. We need checks and balances against Union excesses. And people must understand that whenever government gives us 'goodies' like free healthcare, we are only indenturing ourselves to the gov't that is supposed to be our servant.
  • I'm not happy with how the U.S. is at present, but at least there was change before it was completely run into the ground. It will just take some time (hopefully) to turn things around from the obviously failed Republican method.
  • If we all had the same medical care that the elderly have"medicare" we'd be so much better off. The rich are not txed enough and the poor are brainwashed into thinking taxing them would hurt the lower class. They are a devout group. We need to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries.
  • I am from Pakistan. Yes I'm Happy from my country, I know we are at the state war, but we have learned so many thing from it and we will use it again these kind wars in future! Long Live Pakistan Life Gadget!
  • No absolutely not. Germany should instantly leave the NATO and the EU and close its borders to all hostile countries and their hostile citizens. Most problems we actually have in Germany are nothing but imported by foreign countries. Getting over to a strict isolation and a real partnership to real friendly countries Germany could solve all its problems in the shortest time. Germany is nothing but fooled by it former enemies who are pretending to be our friends.
  • I would be happy if it were moved a little closer to the equator while retaining the present dry/wet weather mix. If it could be revolved ninety degrees clockwise, that would suit me too. Thanks for offering.
  • Get rid of the leftist socialists. Then I'll be happy.
  • No! They need to quit fighting and work for us! That's their job! Not promoting their favorite candidate! Everyone should write their elected officials and ask them what they've done for us this term! If its not enough vote them out! I think we'd be better off with new recruits than the same old same old!

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