• Nope. It just means you are not easily manipulated. That's a good thing. You are knowledgeable and wise.
  • Nope; sometimes it's such an obvious attempt, that it becomes patronizing.
  • Well I don't like anything that is crammed down my throat or pretentious or lecturing or manipulating my emotions to try to get me to feel a certain way...I resent it. I like a movie that is honest, straightforward and lets me figure out all by myself what I think without sermoninizing or beating a dead horse or being seriously uplifting, illuminating and pandering! Maybe we're both grumpuses kdp! :)
  • It depends on what they are trying to inspire you to do! It could be anything from 'Stripteaze' to believing in the power of a particular religion, political ideology or philosophy. Just because a film is pushing a particular belief or lifestyles does not mean I have to take it on board. However, it can be interesting to hear what other people have to say. Aristotle said something to the effect of 'Intelligence is listening to other opinions without adopting them as your own'. You are free to chose what you believe in and which path you chose to follow.
  • No, but I am different. I love to be inspired.
  • No. Other stuff does. But not that;)
  • That sounds that you don't like to improve!
  • Nah, you're just supposed to have fun watching them. Fuck inspiration. :)
  • Nope that makes you intelligent. I'm smart like that too. :)
  • No, I say to each his own. I'm with friends right now that are watching the chronicles of narnia. I only saw the first five minutes and I was so turned I here on AB while continue to watch that piece of crap.
  • It might make you a Forrest Grump ;)
  • No, that makes you wise. When Hollywood starts throwing their brand of inspiration, politics, and religion at the public, it's better to run the opposite direction.
  • I don't like to be manipulated, or maybe a better way to put it is that when I realize I am being manipulated I feel angry. So I think you're like me, you don't want to be used, especially when it costs you eleven bucks in the first place.
  • no, it just makes you rational. it's just what kind of movies you like.
  • I am the same way -- but the list of movies may be different for individual viewers. Two horrible movies to me are dearly loved by many, many people. But " Forrest Gump " and " Pay It Forward " are possibly the top two worst attempts in trying to inspire. Terrible,Terrible, Trite . . . [ And, anyone reading, if you must, down rate the answer -- I've lost more points in this place for saying I hate both of these movies. :)Ah, well. ]

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