• Dating the boss.. BIG mistake!
  • Do you think I'd admit it?
  • Tell my dirty little secrets to some people with big mouths.
  • Letting my boss tell me that I was an extention of him... then finding out it wasn't legal...geez
  • Selling my life by the hour ... So I stopped and created my own way to use my time.
  • I missed a little bit of cracked heels or scratches getting started on the pasterns of a gelding who was prone to lymphangitis on a farm that had a really nasty soil bacteria that tended to cause a little scab or two to become full blown overnight. The poor guy blew up in full blown scratches and full blown lymphangitis overnight. He had to be taken home and his season was over. He was older, and I suspect he probably was done hunting for life. It was a tiny mistake only a tiny scab on the back of his ankle, easy to miss, but I've felt bad about it for 20 years. You don't like to see an animal hurting and especially not when its one of your favorite horses.
  • I was taking a trade show booth down in Vegas and the whole thing fell down on my. It was pretty embarrassing for me.
  • I thought the patients information sheet said "Castration instead circumcision!" Whoops!! grin... One small snip for a surgeon, one huge bugger up for mankind..
  • Falling in love with my boss!
  • Trusted the knowledge of LPN's under me ( I am an RN )...just because they had a know it all attitude. They nearly killed a baby. When the mom had the urge to go to the bathroom on a high risk preterm labor unit, they let her not realizing it was labor. I could have thrown up and quit nursing right there when I was shown the fetal monitor strip showing obvious fetal distress as she was wheeled to labor and delivery. She was not my patient and we were running busy as most hospitals are,,,but, it made me want to quit! THE RN ALWAYS TAKES THE BLAME OF ANY LPN UNDER HER ! And to hospitals staff with one RN and 3 LPN's !
  • Trusting someone. Happy Monday! :)
  • Put trust in big business.
  • Misspelling a bad word in a medical chart that took something simple; "To a whole, notha level..."
  • I quit a job becouse I hated my boss only to have her quit two months later. I really loved that job.
  • I'm sure this isn't the biggest, but it's certainly the funniest! I'm just REALLY lucky these people had a great sense of humor! Ok, I'm a server/waitress/professional "b*tch" (lol) and one day I had this party of 8 eating dinner. One of the gentlemen had ordered ribs and as I stopped at the table I noticed only little scraps of meat on his plate so I asked if I could take his plate...he said no he was still working. I thought to myself "Really?!?! Working on what??" but simply walked away. About 5 minutes later I walked by again and his bones were picked clean (here's the good part) Without hesitation or ANY thought I looked at the man and very matter-of-factly said... "Sir, may I take your plate now...or would you like to suck on your bones"
  • I did a valve job on a Buick and put the burned out valve back in. I was on a roll and doing the job smoothly and quickly. I realized my mistake before I tried to start the engine but it was ready to start. I had to do everything again, so the job took almost twice the time it should have. I also had to replace the new gaskets with more new gaskets. I felt like an idiot.
  • Showed up EXTREMLY hung over one time. NOT good! LOL +5
  • When I was 18, I lived at the beach with a bunch of other surfer guys. We all had to get a job. I applied at this Chinese American Restaurant as a fry cook. I never really hardly cooked except hot dogs and hamburger on a grill. They hired me and I started the next morning. The American section is a grill and cooking area separate from the Chinese cooks. A family came in and ordered pancakes and sausage. No problem on the sausages. I mixed up a bowl of pancake mix from a recipe they had behind the counter. Made a whole batch of good looking pancakes I thought. After a short while I started to get funny looks from the customers and a lot of talking and tasting of the pancakes. A short while later, they paid the tab and left. They even left a tip. I noticed hardly anyone had eaten the pancakes. I helped to collect the dishes and broke off a piece of pancake to see how it tasted. I spit it back out. Then I realized what I had done. I had put a cup and a half of what I thought was from the sugar bowl was actually the salt bowl. I felt so bad for the people. That would have got me fired on the spot, but I guess I had big puppy eyes that they just let it go. What a disaster I was. If you’re out there somewhere, thanks for not getting me fired,lol
  • speaking my mind to a supervisor ill-advised, to say the least
  • The kiln over fired, had a meltdown and so did I ;)
  • AB, which is mmy work. I messed up a realionship with a fellow ABer.
  • i am a electrician and i had a customer who switched from a gas stove to a electric and i had to bring 220 volts of electricity and a outlet for it when a was entering the wire into the outlet i somehow nicked it with my razor knife i was in kinda of a hurry and applied to much pressure and only meant to cut thru the "jacket" and not the wire and didnt realize it and a week later i dont know what this customer did maybe moved the stove to clean but it started sparking and thankfully the circuit breaker tripped or else i could have burned down this 3 family house and possibly killed people iam much more careful now.
  • Quitting. I can be impulsive to say the least.
  • taking the job since i would lose it after

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