• A $20 bill, for which I dutifully paid a dollar.
    • Ice man
      You found a $20 bill and paid $1. for it? Okay, now what's the rest of the story? Was it realistic looking play money ? Or maybe a bath mat ?
    • mushroom
      Just a joke.
    • Ice man
      Oh, I see.
  • I have a silly plastic stand which holds my laptop computer up on an angle.
    • Ice man
      Oh hey, I can see where that would be a great find. I had to use a laptop at work and I hated it. It sat flat on the desk and I would constantly lose what I was working on because I'd drag my wrist across the pad while trying to type.
  • Canned smoked oysters. I'm now addicted.
    • Ice man
      Well at least they can't cost much if you get them from the dollar store. : )
    • Azlotto
      Lol...Don't knock it till you try it. : )
    • Ice man
      I've found all sorts of eatable goodies there, but I'll pass on the oysters ... I'm allergic to all types of seafood.
    • Azlotto
      I'm allergic to shrimp about every six years or so...Strange, eh.
    • Ice man
      So it comes and goes ?
    • Azlotto
      Yes it comes and goes. I start out eating a small piece of shrimp and if my throat tingles, I know it will be a couple of years before I can eat more.
  • "Marvelous?" - nothing!
  • Drain screens! They're essential when you have long hair or tend to drop small things in the sink (like rings, earrings, bottle lids) And yes,they still carry them. What about you?
    • Ice man
      I love the place and I'm amazed at some of the handy things I've found there, including the same drain screens you're talking about. Some of the other things I've found there have been .. a shoehorn that's about 3 feet long (a marvel for those who suffer back pain), a thing I call the "Grabber"- it's a sturdy device that extends your reach by about 3 feet, strong enough to grab a can of tomatoes off a high shelf and dexterous enough to pick up a piece of paper down a hole.. I found disposable little cups -perfect for making Jello shots. I've found many good paperback books to read, agenda books & note pads, first-aid bandages, canned spaghetti sauce which was just as good as my own - but I can't make it for a dollar (that one sent me for a loop). I found the type of glass beer mugs that I couldn't find elsewhere. The list goes on and on and it puts new meaning in the now old expression " I'll buy that for a dollar", like I said .. I love the place.
    • Linda Joy
      I thought we were limited to just one! But seriously you got a Reacher for a dollar? They had some medicine trays that were pretty cool and I like the little stacking cups with lids! They are with the baby stuff, but they are great for organizing lots of small stuff!
  • A 50 cent bar of chocolate.
    • Ice man
      I can see where that would be challenge for someone spending 50 P for a chocolate bar worth half the price. : )
  • food, i go grocery shopping there sometimes
  • Time passed. I found Beatles and Elvis tin trays. Had pin holes at each end. Give to my mother at that time. She liked these people. They finish selling them. It was good I found them.
  • vanilla coffee creamer.
  • There are few mom-and-pop $1 stores left in my area, which had the best bargains on office/school supplies, tools/electric, party and general houseware items. I still look when I get the chance.
  • Bibles for $1.00. I bought many and handed them out to folks who didn't have one.
    • we are dough 68
      You were robbed.

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