• Neither of those are acceptable. It should be life in prison and nothing less. I would hope the day never comes where murder just means ten years, but I will always take that over the death penality.
  • depend on the situation? pre med murder or manslaughterI don't belive in the death penalty not because of the humanitarian side, but i feel if someone is dead they are at peace, they will want for nothing. take their freedom away and let them get a** f***ed by Bubba for the rest of their life that is a punishment. the problem with this is the 'club fed' prisons
  • depends sometimes they should get a medal
    • Douglas Wade
      What?? How can you say that?
  • As far as I'm concerned it completely depends on the circumstances.
  • I think he should spend the rest of his life in prison. It would be fair and he wouldn't have a chance to kill again. +3
  • I think that not all killings are murder and that some may be justified. I believe that many types of murder should carry an automatic death sentence. Especially if it involves gangs or cartels that function both inside and outside of prison.
  • I think there are alternatives. Much depends on the circumstances, of course, but a murder should call for a much longer prison sentence than a mere 10 years if the death penalty is not to be imposed. Some murders call for life imprisonment.
  • That would depend on the circumstance. From the way your question is written it could have been an accident for all we know.
  • It all depends, if it was planned out, the death penality, but if it was in a fight or in a drunk driving situation, 10 years.
  • I've always believed the death penalty should only be used for the most heinous of crimes. Otherwise, lock-em up and throw away the key.
  • he needs to get life for ever if it was planned..maybe 10 for an accidental death in a fight
  • Depends on the circumstances. Maybe the killing was justified?
  • Depends on the circumstances. I'll say that there is no sane reason (other than the precious feelings of unsane libturds) for serial killers or violent career criminals to be warehoused in prisons for life, or unleashed back onto the public after a ten year timeout. Whether you want to call the solution execution, murder, or euthanasia, I'm quite content with either.

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