• Sure. Washington. +3
  • During elementary school we had to write a letter to someone. My brothers and I all wrote to the town in the state with our last name. We even got the newspaper for many years. We were able to determine that the branch the town was named after was quite a ways up the tree.
  • Well the town here is named after the religious dude who originally founded it, but they added a Saint in front of the name.
  • Everyone I know says the town 'Bethany' in America was named after me, but it was probably named LONNGGG before I was born.
  • Boston MA is named for Boston England, which was Saint Botolph's Town, once upon a time. Springfield (where the Simpsons live) is named for Jedediah Springfield.
  • Romulus is given the credit for founding Ancient Rome – so legend has it. Children in Roman schools were taught the story and it became almost set in stone. What is legend of Romulus and Remus? Romulus and Remus were twin brothers. They were abandoned by their parents as babies and put into a basket that was then placed into the River Tiber. The basket ran aground and the twins were discovered by a female wolf. The wolf nursed the babies for a short time before they were found by a shepherd. The shepherd then brought up the twins. When Romulus and Remus became adults, they decided to found a city where the wolf had found them. The brothers quarrelled over where the site should be and Remus was killed by his brother. This left Romulus the sole founder of the new city and he gave his name to it – Rome. The date given for the founding of Rome is 753 BC. This story, of course, is only a legend. The actual growth of Rome is less exotic and interesting. The city of Rome grew out of a number of settlements that existed around seven hills that were near the River Tiber. The settlements were near the river for the obvious reasons of a water supply. The Tiber was also narrow enough at this point to be bridged. However, the area also suffered because of the nearness of the river. Each settlement was separated from the other by marshland. Each individual settlement was vulnerable to attack as a single settlement. By joining together they were stronger. To join together, the marshland had to be drained. This was something that took years to do. The legend of Romulus and Remus gives the impression that Rome was created very quickly; the truth was very different. The early people of Rome were from a tribe called Latins. They were from the Plains of Latium. The Latins were successful farmers and traders and they became rich and successful. Therefore, Rome from its early days was a rich city. This was to create jealousy and to bring the city of Rome into conflict with areas surrounding the city. In particular, the Romans fought against the Etruscans and the Samnites. For this reason, the leaders of Rome invested in an army. This skilled force both protected the city and expanded its power. By 300 BC, the Romans controlled most of the Italian peninsula.
  • No, but my mate San Franciso does.
  • Off the top of my head... Cooktown (Australia) Alexandria (Virginia) Prince George (British Columbia)
  • ben wheeler texas. that was my great great great uncle. his personal trademark was a canary diamond pinky ring. I thought he was cool. (No, i never got any inheritance)
  • Moulay Idriss in North Morocco. Moulay Idriss founded this city and the city of Fez. It's a magical city, if you ever go to North Morocco don't miss out on visiting this gem.
  • St. Petersburg (Russia) was found by and named after Tzar Peter I Alexandria (Egypt) was found by Alexander the Great
  • Yes, I know quite a few. Many towns in the midwest were named for railroad people who surveyed the land and brought civilization to wild west. Many towns, as well, were named for local indigenous natives who were recognized in the area. Other towns were named after the families that settled the area.
  • Dare county(NC), named after Virginia Dare.
  • G'day Paw42, Thank you for your question. My birthplace of Goulburn, New South Wales was named after Henry Goulburn who was British Secretary of State for Colonies at the time. Regards
  • How about all or most all of them that start with "St"...... Like St.James, St.Louis, St.Peter, St.Clair, St.Cloud....etc;......Seems like many of them have a history of being named after someone........Just a thought tho.....Plus 5 for your question......;-)
  • Hopatcong, indian chief Washington, named after the the 1st pres. Lincoln, Nebraska...his son was a corn husker Ft. Pierce, Fl. where president Pierce held the fort whatever state James was born
  • "Springfield"----------- was founded in 1796 by a band led by Jebediah Springfield (a.k.a. Hans Sprungfeld), .... hehe
  • Ben Wheeler, TX was named after, well, Ben Wheeler
  • Ooh. St Ives. Thats one. Somewhere in the UK.
  • Yes. The state of Virginia. Named after the "virgin queen" , Queen Elizabeth (England) and Louisiana. Named after (one of) the King Louis's (France)
  • A small town close to where I live, Seymour, CT was named after one-time CT Governor Thomas H. Seymour.
  • Eugene was named after someone, but I forget what his name was

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