• How did she find out about your past? You told her? Big mistake. But if you didn't tell her and she discovered it after you were married that might be the problem..she may feel that you were not honest with her. Now, I personally feel whatever you did before you met is none of her business and vice-versa. So, if you did tell her and she was ok enough with it to marry you, then it sounds like she is using it as an excuse to cover up the real reason. Sorry. Good luck to you.
  • thats just her excuse....there is a way bigger motive ........u don't need such a cruel,selfish woman:0justme
  • Shes lying shes definatly hiding somthing from you.
  • She's crazy. I don't think there is much you can do.
  • i need help,these has destroy me life,and i feel i could very scare
    • Thinker
      Please read and understand my comment below. It may help you to understand more at the least.
  • This is what you get for having a promiscuous past. However, she should get over it. You're with her now, not all those other girls.
  • If you didnt cheat on her she wouldnt be filing for divorce. If you didnt give her a reason she'd still be your wife. You dont have to try to convince anyone here on AB you didnt cheat. Even if you didnt cheat you still gave her a reason to doubt you. It was up to you to make it right between you and her. It sounds like you may have been toying with her and keeping her on the back burner like alot of married guys do. Cant decide wether to be with her or not. Should I be with the gf instead. What you have to do (not sure if it is possible) but you have to speak from your heart. Write her a letter. Telling someone you "adore" them tells me you dont really care about them and you may be having second thoughts about divorce. It just doesnt seem sincere to me. You have to find that sincerity somewhere in your heart (if it exists) and speak from that place. Otherwise you are going to lose her man. Married dudes are shown the bottom line from their attorneys and come to the realization that its cheaper to keep her. I hope you are not one of these kinds of guys.
  • Does not sound like a forgiving type of a person.
  • That isn't grounds for divorce: showing the future the past: Ask her to think of her family & not just herself!
  • Lets look at this from a Biblical angle. The modern term for adultery or cheating means sex with a person other than your spouse or significant other. In the Bible, meaning of things, adultery means breaking the marriage vows. This does not mean sexual occurrences. Sex is a biological function of the body. There is more to it but this will do for now. If your wife files for divorce because of your past she is committing adultery. She made promises to the Lord God of which she is violating. As long as you provide shelter, clothing, food, and yes even sex you are doing what the Lord God requires See Exodus 21:15b. If your wife has failed as a "help meet" she is in the wrong and has violated her vows to the Lord God. You can fight this in court or accept it. I had a wife who did the exact same thing but at the time I did not know the truth of the matter and just accepted her desire. If you love her you may have to let her go. It is difficult but know you have done nothing wrong. You have not broken your marriage vows if you have provided what is in Exodus 21:15b. There is much more to this subject as required by the Lord God but this will give you some help.

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