• No, five hours of sleep is enough for your body. 8 hours is just the recommended amount. If your are getting less than 5 then it is a lack of sleep. As for affecting you maybe, depends on you it dosent affect me and i get about 5-6 hours a night. but f my little brother doesnt get at least 7 hes groogy for a while.
  • It depends on the person. Studies have shown that some people only need 4-6 hours a nite whereas others like myself need a good 8 hours. There is also a health component, they suggest the healthier you are the less sleep you need, also for what ever reason geniuses need less sleep. That being said I guess I am unhealthy and not a genius...LOL
  • If you get 6 hours of sleep each night, it won't really effect you at all. I heard that 8 hours of sleep is even too much for someone. Each night, I get 5 hours of sleep, then I go to school. I'm just fine at school(I yawn like hell but that's because my classes are so boring!). During the summer, sometimes I would stay up all night, then all day the next day, then go to bed at like 2 in the morning the next night. To tell you the truth, I sometimes wouldn't even be tired after staying up all day and night, it really hasn't taken a toll on me. Other factors can take a toll on you though. If your days are really stressful and you feel really tired when you go to bed, then 6 hours might not even be enough, that's when it will effect you, when you don't get enough sleep when you need it.
  • As a patient at the Sleep Clinic at Walter Reed, I have been advised that average adults need anywhere from 5 to 10 hours per night. 7 to 8 is the generally accepted average. So, for you, personally, 6 may be enough. If you find that you are sleepy throughout the day, have problems concentrating, memory problems, if you are easily irritated, wake up with headaches etc, then you are likely not getting enough sleep. In the short term, other than what I mentioned above, there are no "permenant" effects of minor sleep deprivation. However, prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to a condition called "Chronic Sleep Deprivation". Basically, you will be tired ALL the time and your body will do whatever it can to catch some rest, including the possibility of putting your brain in to sleep mode while you are still awake (daytime somnolence). For more info on Chronic Sleep Deprivation, see: or (which discusses the difference between missing one night of good sleep and missing sleep on a regular basis)
  • Yes, unless you do a LOT of physical work during the day.
  • I believe that 6 hours of sleep is not enough. For me. I sometimes have trouble sleeping, I cann't fall asleep for a long time.The next morning I wake up irritable, tired and the whole day my brain is asleep. In such periods I take special pills, such as . They really energy boost, brain powering. As far as I know, they are absolutely safe for health and don't cause addiction.
  • depends on what your system is like, everyone is different

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