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  • If you feel like that about her and accord her so little respecrt maybe you should set your sights higher.
  • Tone down your sexiness a touch!
  • i dont think she needs to improve her appearance, i think that both you and her need to improve your outlook on eachother
  • buy her plastic surgery. or a mirror and ask her, "Look into the mirror, and tell me what's wrong." seriously though, don't do that and i don't think you should let her hear or get any notion that she is not good enough. She would kick your ass if you told her that. Or maybe run off crying... lol 50-50 shot, take your chances. good luck
  • I am guessing by the quote marks this is just a question you are interested in responses to and not what you personally think. If they think they are too good looking for the likes of their girlfriend then sadly they will end up alone and lonely as everyone grows old and unless they chnage their attitude they will leave every girl they are ever with looking for the one perfect person that doesn't exist.
  • Maybe it's you that needs to improve yourself not her.
  • Something tells me that in some other ways, she might be too good for you.
  • Point blank tell her - be open and honest and no beating around the bush. By the way it was nice knowing you.
  • Find her a new boyfriend ;)
  • No one is too good-looking for someone else. If one person were to think that, they are too into external things to care about someone else's heart
  • Careful... your ego is showing!
  • What a person like that would have to do is learn to see past their ego to the things that are important in life so that the appearance of their girlfriend has little meaning compared to the qualities that really matter.
  • theres a saying "loving the way they are is love and changin someone to love is NOT love but just a deal" by the way who told u dat u are good offence.maybe u arent..maybe u too much self obsessed dat u not seeing beauty in others..maybe she is too good to be with u...maybe thats why u wanna change her. why do u care to change her appearance..just to show her u are better than her..if it so u have no right to do to any individual as every individual is beautiful in their own way..the way u asked the question simply showed that u are mean and selfish guy..which i being girl wud say is an UGLY thing..
  • Just a wild guess here... I imagine her appearance would improve drastically if she dumped you... :):)
  • From the sound of your question I would say she's too good for you.
  • Well if that is your honest feeling then you shouldn't be with her. You are hurting the relationship by "thinking" you are better or too good for her. Let her go find someone that will love her inside beauty and not what they see on the outside. Good luck +5 . edit~Or better yet the NEXT man she finds will think she is the Queen of his dreams and she will be the one living happily ever after while you are home cold and alone!!!!!!
  • Wow................................................................................did you really just say that?!?!?!? You really think looks are that important? Maybe she doesnt want to make her appearance better cuz she has low self esteem cuz she knows your really think making a woman feel ugly is gonna make her beautiful?!??!? Wow...Im stunned..
  • I hope you're not serious. You were obviously attracted to her or she would not be your girlfriend. Why now does she have to improve her appearance now?
  • If one of my mates said this to me I'd ask him what he saw in her in that case! This would hopefully get him to realise that its not someones appearance but their personality that makes you stick together. She might have very low self esteem from his constant hounding about her appearance - and in truth - is he too good looking for her or is he really a conceited self obsessed man?
  • Don't improve her. By having a less attractive partner it will make you appear to be even more good looking than you say you are. Making you seem an easy target for lots of other females. You could soon be in even greater demand! I once read that in the Spanish Court centuries ago, women often selected ugly companions so by comparison they would look very attractive.
  • You think you are too good-looking for her huh? I don't know what either of you look like. But you got together with her, so you should be satisfied enough w/the way she looks.
  • Put a bag over your head. Plastic, preferably.
  • Wow, really?? 1) you're probably not as good-looking as you think you are. 2) If you honestly think that you are too good-looking to be with her, she could probably do alot better than the likes of you. I hope someone lets her know that :)
  • Who said that? I ask because it is in quotations.

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