• OMG I never really looked..that is funny
  • thats the funniest thing i have evr heard i could explain it but then it wouldn't be funny picture this....a guy is sitting in a bathtub he farts and quickly turns around to bite the bubbles. see i could explain but it wouldn't be funny anymore, it would just disturb you
  • Maybe you ate something acidic or highly concentrated?
  • It seems to happen more with males. I think it is due to the pressure of the urine hitting the water, and forcing some air into the bowl at the same time, causing bubbling. Urine has some proteins and other bits in it that would hold the bubble shape together for a small period of time.
  • Never noticed that it did, really. But urine contains ammonia, which may be interacting with some chemicals in your water.
  • Pregnancy Mild dehydration Rapid urination Chemicals in the toilet
  • 7-12-2017 Small bubbles that disappear right away are normal. Large bubbles may indicate an infection or some problem in the protein filtering process.

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