• Im not mean about it I havent noticed anyone else be mean about it either Your right in what you say though, there could be a reason for not spelling so well
  • Why are people on AB so mean about people's spelling etc? Don't they realize that some people could be Dyslexic or have spelling problems or whatever? Run questions through a program with a spell-checker. Use Mozilla Firefox as it has a built in spelling checker. Don't take everything so personally or view it as being critical.
  • No, they do not, and nor do they realise that some people do not have English as their first foreign language. Just keep asking questions! But, also, it is useful to keep spell check on, just in case.
  • I've seen people make corrections, but that isn't mean. It's honest. If people have a learning or reading disability it doesn't mean they should just forget about proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • I think it's this community's way of setting standards for itself. I think for some, poor spelling isn't something that they see only in AB, but in other facets of their lives. At least we could try to be better at grammar and spelling online, we aren't texting our answers, are we?
  • i have no idea i mean im not the best speller and i sometimes use "chat speak" and sometimes people comment about it in a extremely rude way and i even got into a arguement about it b/c the person was being a huge b**** about it and i mean i do not back down from anything so this thing went on for a wile and i dont bother anyone else about how the spell/type and no 1 should bother me about it
  • I think it's cute when you mispell things :) It annoys me that the "informed" sometimes scorn those that aren't quite as bright or clever when all it is is having a better memory. I can say "may I have a beer please in two foreign languages" but it doesn't make me smarter than someone that can't. Same with spelling, lots of people that are really intelligent can't spell for shit, so why put them down when odds are they could be smarter than you. Intelligence is not what you can remember, that is just book smarts. Problem solving, common sense and life skills are what I would assess as being intelligence. Not the whole idea of "I read something and use that as what I now know" because that is taking what someone else has gone through and learning it so you seem smart when really it is just you remembering it from a written source. It's all garbage really.
  • I consider language to be the most valuable art. Defiling it makes me sick to my stomach. Just so you know, it's spelled 'problems'.
  • I try and even hand pecking it still comes out wrong. I try to correct and it still comes out wrong. I do apologize and will try better.
  • dyslexia is very rare and the dumbing down of Americn continues, most ppl can't live without spell check, and that is a shame
  • If a person is civil and respectful in expressing their views, then their spelling and grammar aren't that important to me, as long as I understand what they're saying. However, if someone makes grammatical and spelling errors in the course of being rude and disrespectful, then I admit to occasionally making fun of those errors. ;)
  • not sure why people are like that
  • It's "don't they realize..." and "spelling problems..."
  • Why let it bother you? We're not all perfect!

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