• Some Caucasians are born with black hair! Really!
  • It really looks fake on albinos!
  • Well let me tell you this. I am caucasion with really white skin like my very light blonde-haired, blue-eyed mother. I inherited her features and my Dad's pitch black hair; his skin was the tone of most latinos. There were 8 of us in the family, ranging from blonde to red to black haired and blue, green and brown eyed also; you would have never known some of us were related. I personally had people make fun of me and call me Morticia when I was growing during school years. When I started getting gray hair, I colored it auburn and then blonde and then I went back to my natural black color. I went to work and a guy came up to me, looked in my face and said "yuck, you need to change that black crap back to your real color"!! I was too stunned to even reply to that. So maybe people think so. I really like it though.
  • Not if it is your black hair draped across my chest in the morning. I love black hair.
  • No, only if it doesn't go with their skin tones. I've known a few people with real black hair and I thought it was quite attractive with their skin, lovely dark eyes and features.
  • Nope. You are white, no?
  • No....I use to have very black hair until all this gray started showing up.
  • "Black" as in the color black, or "black" as in nappy? Black hair runs in my family from my Dad's side. Unfortunately, so does the premature grey, but we won't talk about that... :):) Black colored hair looks just as normal and OK on "Caucasians" as it does anyone else. NOTE: "Caucasians" is in quotes for a reason. Caucasion does NOT mean "white" per se. It means a people from the geographical region of the Caucausus (between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea) and actually encompasses about 50 different ethnic groups, including the Indo-European. A great many of these people care darker skinned than what most people presume to be characteristic of people normally refered to as "white", like western european decended peoples.

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