• A speech from Julius Caesar, lines from the third largest acting part in a school play and numerous other sonnets and poems.
  • Speech about flying squirrels when I was 12
  • Many many years ago our class had to memorise a poem of their own. I couldn't be bothered and as there were 45 kids in my class I thought I would be dead unlucky to be called upon to read mine. The day came for the poems to be read, I, sitting in the back row, had no worries and began drilling my ruler with compass point. There I was, half way through the ruler when my name was called out. I got such a shock, the compass point went through the ruler and through my hand. I was sent home. I think I would rather have learned a poem.
  • The Gettyburg Address ....
  • 17 th table
  • ...a significant portion of the poem "Snowbound" in Mrs. Brown's 5th grade class...I lived in Montana in those days...and I had memorized it to perfection...but when I began reciting it...the Tabaracci twins (my girlfriends) started giggling...& so did I! You know how the story ends..."F" LOL...loved remembering that memory Colt! Mahalo!
  • Silver by Walter de la Mare Slowly, silently, now the moon Walks the night in her silver shoon; This way, and that, she peers, and sees Silver fruit upon silver trees; One by one the casements catch Her beams beneath the silvery thatch; Couched in his kennel, like a log, With paws of silver sleeps the dog; From their shadowy cote the white breasts peep Of doves in silver feathered sleep A harvest mouse goes scampering by, With silver claws, and silver eye; And moveless fish in the water gleam, By silver reeds in a silver stream. Walter de la Mare

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