• Boy you are young. No, they don't and I have a sneaking suspicion that you know that.
  • well does any1 else think its wrong 4 an adult male to b thinkin dirty thoughts about a pre-teen girl? even if she is "developed"......
  • I don't look at underaged girls that way (and my definition of "underaged" seems to rise every year). It'd be sick, and they don't need a guy in his 20's, much less 48 like me, staring at them and getting them jaded and depressed about the number of weirdos out there. (Women of ANY age don't need much older guys staring at them.) . Also, I'm married, and I actually take it seriously. . Also also, what would that say about me, to be fantasizing about having an affair even with a legal woman much younger than myself. I'd ask myself what was causing me to even idly long for that, and the answer (excitement, I guess) is immature at best. If I were actively considering an affair (which isn't the case), it'd be even worse - devastating to my family (which is the most important thing in my life), and all for a temporary fling that fulfills no important needs.
  • How young? I do think that it must be hard to judge how old somebody is these days, because young girls are looking much, much older. The first years are coming in covered in foundation and mascara, it's ridiculous. But anyway, I know what you mean. I'm 17 now, so it's not really so bad, but at about 13/14, it really did creep me out. Some men are just pervy. I was out the other week, and I don't look particularly old for my age, I could pass for about 15 sometimes, and this guy in his thirties actually invited me back to his flat. Before he asked how old I was. I politely declined.
  • Maybe they don't like you in their hotel?
  • Usually guys will want somebody that is a few years younger than them. Not VERY young, just a little bit.
  • You're 12 what do you know about being hit on, maybe they're just being nice. Get an adults opinion on their behavior.
  • kristen.... u only hav old guys staring at u because u hav abnormally large boobs!!... haha lol
  • Dress appropriately for a young girl.
  • I was in the same boat as you when I was around your age. I got checked out by adult men all the time as a young teenager. Of course, I was also DOING the checking out. I've always been into men between 10 and 15 years older than myself. I don't know why, I'm just wired that way I guess.
  • How sure are you that they aren't judging your body type,clothes,,etc, for THEIR kids to wear? SOME 'older guys' have no interest in your 'looks'.ME FOR ONE!!!
  • Yes i do as i dont want to end up in jail with a guy named Bubba :P
  • Only if she's around the same age as me. Like you and me are about the same I think, so I'd stare at you.:P
  • self control plain and simle:)
  • I don't think "checking you out" qualifies as "hitting on you". I'll check out most anything in a skirt, except for little kids. Let's face it, many 14 to 15 YO's dress very immodestly.
  • age matters.... she should be a kid saymust be 16 or make it 18 minimum ...
  • must be over 18
  • Our brains hit puberty at 12-14 years old. That's when we really start noticing the opposite sex. Just because our bodies get older does NOT mean our mental idea of the sexual ideal changes. For most women, that ideal is a grown, strong, virile man. For most women, it's a developed, fertile young woman. It's biology - get over it. As long as they're not doing anything illegal, the only thing you can do to change it is stop wearing low-cut shirts and Daisy Dukes.
  • There is certainly an age bracket I wouldn't venture outside of & you girly, are way too young! That being said I know a fair few blokes who seem to be of the opinion that 'if she's up for it, why not'... abit sad if you ask me!
  • I do care about a girls age. I also admit I am a terrible judge of age. She should be 18-28 but under rare circumstances I would accept social interest in a girl as young as 16.
  • I dont really care how old she is...
  • I'm a grown man that was constantly getting "checked out" by my nieces. They know me, and even if they didn't know me, I don't look younger than I am. Now, in the process of me catching THEM looking at me in a way that really made me uncomfortable, could they have surmised, in their own immaturity, that I was checking them out? I hope not, but I suppose it's possible. As to he use of the term "checked out" on your part: Do you mean merely NOTICING, or are they actually initiating something more than a chit-chat conversation? I work with some very young, pretty women. I notice them, I'll have a friendly conversation with them once in a while, but I'm not hitting on them. They're young enough to be my daughters, and even if I weren't married, I'm not sexually attracted to them in the least, other than having the ability to see their beauty. They want and need a young man, not an old, slow, grouch like me, and I know that.
  • Unfortunately, I don't think they do. Every since my daughter was 12 she looked like an 18 year old. The last 5 years have been hell trying to make sure that it was nothing more than being checked out. Having said that, guys will be guys. They are always checking out women. And if you look like a woman, unless she's wearing a t-shirt that says "I am underage", how are they supposed to know? All of my daughters friends look like they are between 18 and 25. Of course, in my opinion, being checked out and being hit on are two different things.
  • there is alot of pervs in the world today,and men have treated women like they were a piece of meat for a very long long as no one says anything to you that is out of line just blow it off and be careful.if someone says something to you to upset you or make you think your in trouble call 911
  • 6-10-2017 I was hanging out with a buddy on a Califoria beach when we saw two girls in a sport car. One looked about 18, the other looked about 20. So we wandered over to chat for a bit. It turned out the one we thought was 18 was actually 12, and the one we thought was 20 was her mother. So a guy just never knows.

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