• i would say it is, its very a cinderella story. if you like this dress go for it girl :)
  • Yes, I have a friend who did that. She just asked her fiance if he minded if she wore it and he said no he didn't mind.
  • Damn, Violet. You MADE of money?
  • I agree with those who say to wear it. You need to get your intended's permission first though.
  • As long as you don't have any misgivings about using it, then go for it. Why spend money on a dress when you've got one that hasn't been used?
  • This answer may be worth what you paid for it: give the dress to a thrift shop so someone can enjoy it without knowing the history buy a new dress for yourself when you meet the right guy
  • Im in the same situation as u & u know what i got my wedding dress ( its the dress of my dreams) then he broke the engagment off but im gonna wear that same dress when i get married!
  • Yep, the dress is still in great condition right. Wear it and save money.
  • Wear the dress you already have. Unless you are superstitious than it is not going to matter. :o)Best of luck!
  • There is nothing wrong with your dress.It is only your love that has changed.If you like this dress wear it with pride.I hope you can wear it soon:)
  • Of course, as long as you dont tell him your ex-boyfriend gave it to you.
  • If I was your fiancee I would say no but thats me. You should ask your fiancee and go with that. Could you not sell the one you have and use the money from that to get a new one!
  • no BTW does your house have wheels?
  • You do what you want but personally I would never do that
  • Sure, as long as you don't mind the fact that the ring he's giving you is from a previous fiancee that he ended up not marrying.
  • I'd personally feel weird about it, but that's just me. It is only a dress.
  • Why would you let a perfectly good dress go to waste. Wear it!
  • Of course...wear it with joy...and good luck!
  • ooh, I don't know. That is kind-of stepping on 'sacred ground'...maybe if you made some alterations of some kind. I know how expensive wedding dresses can I guess it would just have to depend on if your s/o had a problem with it or not.
  • I definitely think it would be OK to wear it. Its JUST a dress!! A few pieces of fabric?! The vows are important, how you treat each other every day, celebrating your love, your family and friends being there, etc etc THAT is what its all about. And no dress is going to change any of that, good or bad. Unless you are a supersitious person and subject to the power of suggestion then I dont see the problem with it.
  • If it doesn't fit, you must acquit! :-) On the other hand, if it still fits, go for it, especially if you still love its beauty. The past is just that...past! Have a happy wedding...and beautiful life together. The best gift I can give is +5. :-)
  • Hello??? Its a dress. Do you think in 20 years you'll even think twice about it?? It may be an issue now but trust me, it doesnt matter whatsoever in the BIG PICTURE of life. You'll never ever regret NOT spending a grand on another gown.
  • I don't think there's any reason to get *permission *! That's ridiculous! It's the dress you want. That doesn't mean that it's tied to something that didn't happen. Just get it readjusted if you have lost or gained weight.
  • Yes but don't tell ANYBODY (especially your Mom, friends, or family) where or why you originally got the dress.
  • i would , no need to waste money on another one
  • Your dress, Your choice. Whatever you like.

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