• yes child rapists deserve it
  • NO. They should be raped AND killed.
  • Sorry but I don't believe in the death penalty...
  • depends on wether we are talking about actual rape or we are talking consentual sex but our law disagrees and wants to make it sound worse than it is? mary K leterneau did not harm her now husband but the state decided to steal years of their shared life because he was "too young" would you want to kill her for having sex with her now husband before getting your aproval?
  • No. But I believe they should be imprisoned for a minimum of 15 years.
  • Sometimes - child rape is an evil thing - but there may be instances where the death penalty is too harsh. Executing a profoundly retarted man for rape may be as bad as the crime he caused in the first place.
  • death
  • What and have the rest of their pathetic lives not to suffer like the child, No. But what I would suggest is sharing a prison cell with hard core criminals who hate rapists for the rest of their lives
  • Yeah on the rack
  • YES!! In a very public and painful way.
  • yep, no mercy for those who would show no mercy to a child
  • Yes, they are totally sick in the head.they should be executed....Children are innocent, they are our future, we are suppose to raise them so that when we die we left someone wonderful in our place...How dare anyone hurt a child like that...sick bastards
  • I am in favor of the death penalty for certain things, but I think a better punishment is life in prison, castration and let him learn what it feels like to be raped for the rest of your life.
  • Yeah, I would be fine with that.
  • Sorry, i can not judge. Only God should give death. I think they should be locked up for life and mentally educated to realiZe what they did is wrong.
  • This is a case for cruel and unsual punishment. If there is no ounce of doubt then they need to be tortured for the rest of their misrible lives.
  • Anybody who rapes a child or adult should be tortured and then killed!
  • I despise even the thought of that and when I hear it on the news I get physically ill. My answer is YES!
  • I agree with you just me. They deserve to die. That is the worst thing you could do to a child. Just the thought of someone doing that to MY child, I would kill them myself!
  • No. But they should live and rot in prison for eternity. Thats usually what happens anyway. :( :)
  • i struggle with the death penalty because VERY few parents will raise their child to grow up to bring horrific pain and suffering to others...when their child is executed it creates more victims and it doesn't undo the damage this person caused. i would like to hear from the families of those who have been executed (for any reason) and the families of those who have (adult) children serving life in prison to find out if they think it would be/is easier visiting their child's grave or visiting them in prison. i know the families of the victims grieve thier losses for the rest of their just hard to understand how adding more grief makes things better. this doesn't mean i would ever campaign against the death penalty...the Bible actually supports it...i can't recall the scripture but we studied it a while, basically, i don't have an answer to your question and i hope i never have to deal with this in my lifetime.
  • Definitely... How Dare Anyone Take the Innocense from a child, it's BAD enough when they *rape an adult A child is Nothing But Pure -- I vote DEATH !!!!!
  • yes. they deserve to be fucking hung by the neck till dead. i think it should be legal (or at least overlooked) for someone to give that bastard what they deserve.
  • So many kids make up stories LOL If there is proof like dna or a video I say death penalty .
  • Rape of anyone young or old is a sin and a violation of their body. The Lord God required death if the person was raped in the city as the woman should be able to cry out. If raped in the field the man was required to pay the virgin bride price and marry the woman and never divorce her. This included children. Today our laws are different therefore the rapist should either be put to death or imprisoned for life with no chance of parole.
  • Depends on a case by case basis. Some people are mentally disturbed and need only reforming. Children abused at a young age tend to go on and become abusers themselves for example.

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