• I use Palmolive myself which seems to be quite good. I'm not sure if it's available in other countries though. All the best Dave
  • Try butter, I saw it on Seinfeld
  • What works best for me is not necessarily the type of cream, but when I shave. The best time is after a hot shower or in the shower after you've been in for a while. It opens up the pores on your face to get a closer shave. To minimize cuts & razor burn a new blade works wonders. I normally don't use a blade more than 4-5 times at the most (but I don't shave every day. Normally 3-4 times a week). Pretty much any of the newer type of shaving creams are OK, but do like the gels best. They seem to help with razor burn problems too.
  • I use gillette gel. I don't get cuts. I think I've never gotten cuts. Like ciresemik1, I use my razor for 3 to 4 times only too but I don't shave everyday either. I just hope it doesn't have alcohol since it dries up your skin (heard yesterday in american psycho). I couldn't find it in the ingredients though :)

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