• No, because sometimes that's the only way for some people to know the answer and it also gives a thorough answer to the question being asked. As well as broadening someone else's knowledge, the answerer also broadens their own
  • No, not at all. I appreciate the fact they took the time to get the info. I do it when I don't know exactly how to explain something, they do a much better job than me.
  • Yes, because that's really lazy. I never rate answers unless they contain some original work; how hard is it really to summarise the content of a link you have found?
  • It's sometimes annoying when they don't leave anything but a link to the page... although it's kind of annoying that someone didn't take the time to find the wikipedia answer themselves. When I leave wiki answers I usually try to quote the pertinent part of the page in my answer and include a link at the bottom if they want to read more.
  • I sometimes do. I wont answer a question unless I know the answer, or at least think I do,...but some people will answer anything, and slap a link to wikipedia on it. I think they should show that they knew the answer
  • Yes, anyone can do that >:o
  • i used to...but soon accepted the fact that sometimes, the person doesnt have the much needed knowledge to give a correct answer..ive seen a few here who use wiki, i dont have a problem with that, though, i myself have never consulted wiki at any a sense, i use my own brain..i say: "to each his/her own ways"
  • No, but I'm a bit irritated when people ask obvious/general questions that they could easily get a better and more thorough answer to by reading an article there.
  • Absolutely not. I get irritated by people who ask a question which they could easily have answered for themselves by checking Wiki.....unless... the question promotes debate/more questions/variety of opinions ...which is interesting in and of itself. I learn something from these Wiki inserts. I don't know how "using my own brain" to answer a question about something I've no knowledge of can be useful to anyone. 'Looking something up'...whether Wiki or another resource is a smart thing to do, in my opinion.
  • i use wikipedia sometimes. if i dont know the answer then i will look it up. i dont see a problem with it if it is helping someone else. i sometimes go back and check through the old questions and then look up in wiki because noone else as answered the question.
  • No. Some questions need that kind of answer, like very detailed, exact kind of answers. It's nice to be able to say things in your own words but I appreciate it when someone has done a bit of research and found exactly what relates to the question, not just amass of words from Wikipedia but precisely the answer. And some answers need to be really really long. I've typed a lot and manytimes when the answer is right there somewhere else, and I know it's there, it's easier to just give a link or include the link and answer here. What's wrong with that? Just because someone types a lot on his own words doesn't mean he's smarter than everybody else. There is plenty of other types of questions where you can answer from experience or from your heart and head. Good answers, no matter how they get here are very appreciated by me. Bad answers from any source are always bad answers. I'd rather someone copy from wiki than just state what they think and it's wrong. I can't begin to count how often that has happened in factual questions.
  • No because there are people leaving answers that seem to have no brain. They leave no answer saying maybe or probably or something else nonsensical. Sometimes they guess and are wrong and sometimes they down right lie. I'd rather have someone look it up than guess. The goal is to help not collect points or just day anything to see your name posted.
  • It depends when someone writes the answer on Wikipedia, if that person gives some resources, facts URL then we consider it otherwise not.
  • Why should I get mad? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, regardless if they have a Wikipedia link to speak for them. The question should be: "Do people take the time to read a Wikipedia link?" That's why I'd rather give a short productive answer depending on the question to go for the knockout punch, rather than give a long-winded answer, since most ABers will not take the time to read it.
  • Hmm! Not much brain actually, mostly primitive education!
  • Usually I applaud such answers since it shows that the question-asker was wasting people's time asking such a question.
  • I am more of what the truth is and I don't want to hear much for opinion. So getting the info directly from the horses mouth is a good thing, and a person supplying it should be thanked.
  • Nothing wrong with research. Not everyone knows the answer to a given question, but looking it up can teach you something and teach others as well. And a question poster is more likely to get a RELIABLE answer if people do some research.
  • I don't understand why anyone would get mad! They should be thankful anyone answered at all! I can't tell you how many questions I've had go unanswered that would be easy for anyone to answer! But if you'd rather I can avoid answering your questions completely!
  • people who do that are being extra helpful looking up proof for ya
  • I actually prefer a person to use an encyclopedia a Wikipedia somebody that's smarter than me to supply the answer it's not offensive to me in the least I'm just one guy. My answer doesn't mean much. But if you take an answer often established credible website it does have the tendency to mean more

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