• Not until he can have a uterus grafted onto his body and an operation to transfer the foetus in question to it.
  • Yes he should, but in America, the lack of morals in our laws, will favor the woman......
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Yea too bad we dont law enforce morals huh? Must be those damned libtards. You know, the insane terrorist supporting democrats who think people who work should get payed !! HA!!! And they think billionaires should pay taxes!! WOW!! ARE THEY FROM SPACE!! ALL WE"VE GOT IS BILLIONS, AND THEY THINK WE SHOULD PAY TAXES???!!! TALK ABOUT INSANE!!!!!!!!
  • NO! He is not the one who will have to carry the child. It's her body not yours!
  • As a reply to the last answer(anonymous) have got to be joking..yes, it may be her body, but it is THEIR child, not just hers...if she doesn't want to care for her own child and is willing to kill her own baby, then i say let the father have full and complete total custoday of the child. Any woman who is willing to kill her own child/baby, is willing to do anything..Women complain about the man not wanting to take care of their child, but what do women say about women wanting to kill their own? Is it ok because they are a woman? I am a woman and i say it is total BS! It goes both ways not just one way. The woman can take precautions just like a man can. We have birth control pills, shots, etc. They have a condomn. So if a woman doesn't want to get pregnant, then she should take precautions.
  • yes, if he's willing to stick around for the baby and she doesn't want to. then he better not f*ck up as a father.
  • absolutely not. It is HER body.
  • Yes. Abortion is murder. A person can be tried on a double murder if he kills a mother and the unborn child. Abortion is no different. The father should be allowed to have it, if she didn't want a child then she should have taken precautions and not put her self in that situation. 70 million have been killed in the USA since the 1970's, imagine all the wonderful contributions to American society that could have been but never were. For what could have possibly been, the person who should have cured AIDS and Cancer was never given the chance to be born. There are long waiting lists of people who want to adopt but cannot find a child. Give a person a chance, give them a birthday; we all deserve one.
  • Yes. If she decides to keep it, he has to pay child support. It takes two to tango, right? I firmly believe the father has rights from inception.
  • Sure, he can have the right to take her to court, You have the right to take anyone to court, he just wont win.
  • Definately!!!!! He should have a say in whether or not she kills THEIR baby!!!! I understand its her body, but God forbid she gets a few stretch marks to allow a life to be born into the world, the precious child may mess her belly up for a few months but she doesn't have to deal with the baby if the father fought to get it before it was born...he could take the baby from day one.
  • absolutely.

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