• That's a funny one. As a rationalist, I believe that the only place Satan has ever existed is inside the heads of those who believe in "him". So, I suppose, as an imaginary friend like Santa or the Tooth Fairy, you can give him any powers you want to. So, he can read your mind if you think he can.
  • Satan is simply a personification of selfish desires. ----- Everything in the universe was created by G-d and only by G-d. Judaism completely rejects the dualistic notion that evil was created by Satan or some other deity. All comes from G-d. As Isaiah said, "I am the L-rd, and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil. I am the L-rd, that does all these things." (Is. 45:6-7). Also read: Satan does not read your mind, he is in your mind:
  • Many Christians believe that Satan was a fallen angel expelled from Heaven by God. I can't tell you which Spriptures would confirm this, but I have heard it expressed that Satan cannot read your mind, as God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit can... only if you say things out loud.
  • No. But, since he's been around humans since their creation he is very adept at reading body language and perhaps (or, more likely) is able to see biological clues from us that would give him a pretty good idea of what we're thinking. As an example: If you were afraid of something your body might release certain chemicals like adrenalin and Satan could probably detect that. Another one: You become sexually aroused -- where does the blood flow -- does your face flush -- eyes dilate --- body temperature changes. Those kinda of things.
  • No from my point of view. He is a malicious person who manipluates your every more but he is not wise enough to read our minds.
  • No. I don't see how he would have that ability.
  • Although Satan is a powerful spirit creature, there is a limit to his power. He cannot read the human mind but he works on the basis of what you do and say. He has been around for centuries and there is nothing he has not tried in order to influence people. He knows what we like, dislike, desire and in these instances he uses our own desires to tempt us.
  • Doubt it!
  • i dont think so
  • There is nothing in the Scriptures to indicate that Satan and his demons can read our minds or thoughts. Rather, the implication of the Scriptures is that only God can read the mind of man:
  • i dont think so but he can put thoughts into it
  • Nope but he'll hire a reader
  • Satan doesn't come around here anymore. Jesus is standing guard.

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