• AVG Free Edition for virus detection. Ad-Aware for ad scanning, and I'd also use Spybot as well. (+2)
  • Lots of times free virus checkers bring their own viruses with them, and then they say you have to buy their virus remover to get rid of the virus the free program gave you. its better to buy a good system than to try and get by with a free program.
  • Norton's only a free trial. Get avast! home edition. It's free and updates every day. Just make sure you get rid of all your other anti-virus software off first or they'll cancel each other out.
  • Is it a Macintosh? Then you need nothing. Norton sucks. My last PC was infected within 1 week of getting online WITH Norton. If you have a new PC, you also have my sympathies. McAfee is better than Norton, but it costs more. Why do PC users never learn that PCs will ALWAYS get infected with something?
  • it depends. if you want it free. go to for anti virus. and spybot for spyware. if you really want to pay money. webroot and micro.
  • AVG has a free and a paid service that gets good reviews around here for the anti virus. For spyware Spybot. As in other remaks I would stay away from the big names as they are over priced and actually will slow down your computer.+5
  • I use Windows Live Onecare...this also has a 90 day fully functional free trial.
  • I agree with Sparkle - Avast! home edition is THE best anti-virus out there. To tell a tiny story... I've had many friends who've had Norton, McAfee, or AVG on their computers and were convinced that it was the best. I finally convinced them to let me disable theirs, download avast, and run it once. If it caught anything theirs missed, they would keep avast. The least amount of viruses I've found on someone's system that way? 75. Seventy five viruses that the others missed completely. Even a friend who works for the IT department for a nearby city recommends it. And I agree regarding SpyBot as well. The IT friend says C-Cleaner, but I like SpyBot's interface much better.

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