• I'm not seeing what category this is in. But if I have a question for Answerbag staff I put it in the Answerbag Staff category. I've only seen a resoponse from a staff once and that was in regard to Azlotto's question regarding spam. Ice Man is another user that has been around since this site started up. He knows a lot about this site, but I haven't seen him around lately. Last I knew a friend was incapacitated in some manner I can't recall and Ice Man went to work in his place so he's not online as much. I've only been here just over a year and haven't seen much in the way of improvements, but I guess anything's possible!
    • lavender
      Thanks so much for your help. I actually put this in "General", because I didn't see an "Answerbag Staff" category, but now that I know one exists, I will see if I can change the category. Thank you!
    • Linda Joy
      You're welcome! The categories can be frustrating sometimes when you first get here, but if you choose categories at the top of the page you can look over them. But to be honest I didn't even know there was a general category. That's useful information! Thank you!
  • ive wondered that nnyself, how to contact answerbag

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