• . That's an article on the NASA site stating that is possible that the moon may still be active. Although it is only speculation, and hasn't been proven. Typically it is believed that the moon has been inactive for quite a long while, which is probably the answer that the school teacher would be looking for. This site would probably be closer to giving you the answer you're looking for: . . Although there are a lot of reputable sites that claim that the moon may be active, it hasn't been proven conclusively.
  • No. Although the moon is supposedly made from a volcanic kind of rock, similar to what is ejected out of volcanoes on Earth. The theory is that it was once a giant ball of volcanic rock which gradually cooled. The core of the Earth is molten due to the degradation of radioactive isotopes. There are no such radioactive isotopes at the mmons core, so its unlikely that there would be any molten lava present.
  • The moon is almost as old as the earth, 3-4 billion years. When the moon was new it WAS molten, It has cooled off a lot since then. The moon is also quite big, and rock dont really conduct heat wery well, so if there is molten rock in the middle the only way for that molten rock to cool off would be by its heat seeping out through a thousand miles thick duvet of rock. It would cool down VERY slowly. Then again 4 billion years is a VERY long time. So I dont know really. It could be molten hot in there still, but the moon could also be cooled down all the way through by now. One thing we do know is that there are no volcanoes on the moon today. We have found some remains of craters that WAS volcanoes more than a billion years ago. They are almost entirely gone now, wiped away by all the meteors that have hit the moon since then and made all the little (and big) craters we see on the moon when we look in a telescope. And we have not found any signs of earthquakes or continental drift or dynamic magnetic fields or any of the other things we have here on earth because the earth is mostly molten in the middle. So even if there is a bit of molten rock in the center of the moon, we are pretty certain that today the hot area is too small for any of those things to happen. No volcanoes, no fault lines, no magnetic field generation. There may be no hot area at all. regards JakobA

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