• Not very often if it turns into a debate I am very happy with that but if it turns nasty I make my point and unsubscribe . I refuse to debate when it involves name calling and foul language.
  • Perhaps, some people ask questions just to pick fights. Another possibility is that those people may be looking for - and finding - fights everywhere, even where none exist. You know, projection is the darnest thing and makes people see what they feel and think, on everyone else
  • We have to understand that there are different sides of a question (especially conversational ones). Those whom you get into fights with are people with opposite belief as yours. Those who get along with are those whose beliefs are same as yours. Variation and diversity is good. At least it exercised the mind in defending your answer or debating. (As long as no physical injuries happen! :)
  • Absolutely! Usually its not worth it to comment back.
  • usually I unsubscribe and leave. I am not on here to fight--and you can't fight when the other person isn't listening. I do, however, enjoy debating issues.
  • Fight back debate and fianlly ignore.
  • yeah some psycho just started with me for no reason what so ever on one of my questions
  • Best advice I can give is it takes two to fight. No one says you have to deal with it at all. I personally will not waste the time when someone has issues in a comment thread. I did not sign up for a debate but rather to help so I pretty much ignore the drama and spend my time in a more constructive manner. You will find that once they find out your not going to play their childish game they will go bother someone else.
  • It does occasionally seem that way. I had someone just the other day try to start an argument with me on my answer to his question on how I felt about marijuana legalization. If you didn't want my opinion, don't ask the question. And if I don't provide the answer you want, don't try to change my mind. I just ignore it. Sometimes the best way to end the argument is to never initiate it. Peace.
  • Yes, there are people on here like that. It depends on my mood, most times I refrain, but if it is something I believe strongly in, I can be tenacious.
  • Just ignore them, and if they DR you just thanks them. We are not here to fight or to impose our thought. I think they have a low mentality.
  • That can happen. I sometimes ignore them and sometimes not. Depends on the subject.
  • Yes it does happen. But you can always walk away, state your thoughts calmly if you feel you must and then ignore or unsubscribe, and maybe in the future try to steer clear of them for awhile. If they respond under your question, respond with the barest polite response and that's it. It's just not worth it
  • There was one who shall remain nameless, they sent a link to another ABer, who then showed up trying to start a argument. At first, I waited for CL since one was also in the thread, but when there was no response from CL, I sent a message through feedback, and posted a question with a link in it to get CL's attention. I also provided a link to the person who thought they were gonna come after me, and left them alone throwing a fit in the thread. If that's how there gonna act, I will not feed the situation, but I will not let them hide in a comment thread either. Although, I am proud of every ABer for staying out of it, and thank those who understood what I was trying to do.
  • Those jerks also run around DRing you just to cause trouble. Someone is onto me right now...apparently a conservative Christian, God love him/her.
  • I just don't respond. Why fuel the fire when its trying to rage. Leave it as such and there's nothing they can do about it.
  • I don't care them..I enjoy AB with funny answers and good friends!

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