• I'm not too sure I would look for anyone.. I think I'd wait for someone to find me. . But I'm naturally attracted to older men. .
  • Since it's a hypothetical, question, I really dont think I'd even want to look at another guy for a while but that's me
  • I am not sure you look for anyone. My husband was only six years older than me . I am certainly not looking for a replacement
  • No. You are still a young woman. Don't seek out anyone, let them come to you, you don't need to seek. I'f you meet someone you like, wonderfull, no matter what age. I'll bet you're husband would tell you the same thing.
  • May be. Its not something you can speculate about.
  • I would not rule out someone closer in age. That might rule out someone with whom I could be ecstatically happy. Maybe setting no parameters at all and just going with the flow would be best in such a situation! :)
  • Yes, always making sure that he has a bank account with a lot of zeroes in it
  • I wouldn't look for another man if my husband died first.He's the only one for me :)
  • I'd just look for a good match. My deceased husband was 30 years older than I was. He was perfect for me in every way. My current husband is exactly one year younger. After you are mature, I don't think age matters in the least.
  • I don't know if I would want someone....after you really loved a man who was good to you. You can't let it go...I don't think so...
  • starrgazer, at first my sincere late condolences. I just went to your profile and learned about your loss on my birthday..... No I would not look after anyone purposely. While you are living your life you will meet new people. When I would look out to really find one, I would look for younger men rather than older. Well, I am not Cher or anybody else of this caliber but I still like an active life. I wish that your grieving period will be shorter than you think and that you will enjoy life again!
  • No. I couldn't take another geezer dyin on me first. I would get a boytoy and be sure to die on him. Literally.
  • are you looking for someone who is already retired? I am sure you will find many old guys to choose from.

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