• It's useful when people try to take advantage of you. I'm a big pushover, but when I am already angry over something, a question I would normally say yes to, I have no problem being upfront and forward with my feelings and saying no. It also helps when you are in a fight, adrenaline mixed with anger gives you quite an advantage.
  • Anger causes your body to produce adrenaline this can help you to react when you are threatened.
  • Anger usually brings the truth out.
  • Anger, can help you get through trauma.
  • It's important to not always hold it in. So it's up for you to decide when it is good to vent anger.
  • Righteous anger motivates us to right wrongs and put a stop to evil. Always a good thing.
  • Other answers were good; in addition to them, I would say anger is useful and positive when someone needs to be put in their place. ie: if someone is always taking advantage of you or treating you like shit, lash your anger out and put them in their rightful place.
  • it brings out the creative side of me! - like when I really get angry at someone, I start to get creative on ways to get back at them! it stimulates the mind
  • Venting is always positive. It's important to dispel such energy. I say opt for exercise, hobbies, and productive channels instead of bouncing that anger off of people. Expressing anger to another person often only amplifies pain and hurt. Work through the anger and then have a useful and meaningful exchange.
  • I don't think there is anything positive about anger. Some people need it to get juiced up to do something about a bad situation though. It is so much better to keep emotion out of it, think things through rationally, and then act. Anger clouds decisions made while angry may not have a long shelf life! :)

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