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  • All of the time.
  • Yes, I've used one on my gf when we do bondage. It is kind of sexy but a lot of work, actually. I can take it or leave it. We don't do a lot of bondage, but when we do my gf likes handcuffs and - and no, I am not making this up - a whip. (Which I have to be very careful with, needless to say.) She would rather be tied with handcuffs to our bed with her legs spread apart and tied to the bedposts. I also gag her. She gets revenge, though, as we do bondage on me, too - and she drills my ass with a dildo. Kind of fun and kinky, but neither of us is that into it and I can count on one hand the times we have done bondage sex either way. (She has actually tied me up more times than I have her. Hey, its a feminist age.) In fact, one time we just started busting out laughing. We just could not take it that seriously. As I say, kind of fun and kinky, but we really are not into it.

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