• Yes, I would still answer them. I have literally thousands of answers with zero points, and scores of others with negative points. If the points were my only motivation for answering questions, I would have stopped using Answerbag a long time ago.
  • i dont really answer for points. i will admit it is nice to know other's feedbacks...but i actually would choose comments over points because i like interacting with others.
  • i would probably still answer. i usually answer for conversation. :)
  • Yes I would. I just like answering.
  • Now why would you do that? :) Anyway I would still try to cure your curiosity as much as I can :)
  • Yes I would still answer, as long as you commented.If you did neither rate or comment I would think you did not bother reading the answers so there would be little point in just feeding you points. That is what a lot of people do, I have dozens of pages of unrated questions . That does not bother me too much but the thought that people are just being gluttons does.
  • If you did not rate me ever and made no comments then i would probably stop answering as i like feedback, i just think it is polite ;0) I don't like being ignored.
  • It would depend on the quality of your questions. If answering them were worth my time, then I would answer them. If I knew nothing about the subject or were not interested I would pass. Simple as that! :)
  • I answer questions because they interest me, not for the ratings.
  • Yes, I dont answer them for points, I answer them if I know the answer or if they intrigue me.
  • If it was a good question that I wanted to answer, sure.
  • If I still knew you cared about the answers, maybe by way of commenting, something like that, I would still answer, and for sure I would if it was something I felt was a great question to add to the database. But if I felt you were just into asking question for points or to be Most Inquisitive, without any care at all for what you were asking, I don't know if I would bother, as there are a couple of people who only ask for the sake of asking and never ever care about their answers.
  • Depends...I believe in give and take formula!
  • hi, rose, babieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... of course, i'd answer your question, regardless, hotcakes ... cuz i look forward to your comments and your fantastic sense of humor ... LoLzzZzz ... ^_^
  • I don't usually pay much attention to points, so yes, if your question intrigued me.
  • sure! i'm looking for interesting questions and answers!
  • well,if u comment then yes,but if you don't then whats in it 4 me :P
  • Your on my friends list and therefore considered a friend. If you ask a question I try to give you an answer without thinking about points or ratings. I answer many questions and never once felt the points really mattered. If my answers are helpful then I am happy I have helped.
  • I answer questions because i want to offer an answer and i would still offer the same even if the point system disappeared completely :)
  • I answer questions without expecting anything, most of the time.

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