• Some may be, but not all. Just to get you started on this topic:
  • Atheism seems to be a good choice for homosexuals. Homosexuals are looked down on like murderers by most religious groups.
  • Sadly, yes. It makes dating tough.
  • There are many who are not, but I don't know why.
  • None that I know, if that counts for anything. :)
  • No, I do not think so. I'm still trying to find (for a question asked last week) a study done of the LGBT community which captures religion demographics. I've been told by several academic institutions focusing on it (including law schools) that such a study has not been attempted. We actually know very little about the underlying demographics of the LGBT community.
  • They probably should be.
  • I don't think so. I would imagine however that the percentage of openly gay atheists is higher than the percentage of openly gay Christians or Muslims. Still, there are many gays who are either "in the closet", or leading a celibate life, or find a church/community that is gay-friendly, or even remain within their own church/community while disagreeing with their interpretation of scripture concerning gays.
  • Actually, most republicans appear to be homosexual. I don't know about atheists.
  • I don't know most of them, but most of the ones I know consider themselves "religious"
  • oh u dont know most huh? i thought u knew all homosexuals. oh well- how u like living in VA? do u live in a small town or in/by a city? my wife wants to move there from NY.
  • Why would a gay person belong to a Cult Club that hates them? It's like being in a club called Jews for Hitler.
    • bostjan64
  • We have statistics for the U.S. in particular. - Worldwide, ***I would guess*** that the majority are non-religious. (Important to differentiate non-religious from atheists, as many religious are atheists)...but of course my guess could be very wrong. U.S. study reported SO: although non-religious atheism and agnosticism are the largest and third-largest groups, respectively, clearly they do not make up more than half (i.e. clearly most homosexuals are NOT one or the other of those; that is: most homosexuals in the U.S. by a significant majority identify as belonging to a religion.)
  • Probably not, but would you stick with a religion that hated you?

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