• its possible but very unlikely. The bullet would have to hit non vital parts of the brain. Bullets also cause cavitation, that in the brain would do a lot of damage.
  • any think is possible it'd probaly have to be a bad
  • I doubt it. The hydro shock would turn a head into mush. It would be quite nasty. It would be like getting hit by 10 + 30.06 s.
  • I have seen pictures of head shot from a 50 cal, the guys head was basically removed. It looked as though his head was cut in half and everything was removed. Nobody would or could survive it.
  • My answer is a big no. Look at how big a .50 cal. is. Do you think you'll still live if your hit at the head where the most important part of the nervous system and probably the most important part of the body is( the brain) is located? Of course not chances are slim that you will still live, a one in a million chance.
  • You are not able to survive a harder hit with a leg in your head. 50 cal? No way, except if it misses.
  • no, you can not, even if the round is within an inch of your head, it will still kill you, the pressure than a .50 cal round creates is enough to literally crush your head, now if it hits then you wont have a head
  • Yes you can witness I guy firing hit Barrett 50. cal and the bullet ricochets of a rock and comes back and hits him in the head. Check it out Youtube guy gets hit in the head by Barrett its unreal
  • Only if you carrying a lucky charm :P
  • i have heard of people in basic training that have gotten shot by a .50 center of mass and it went through both sappy plates and the iba and plus i have have heard that if it is with in 7 in it will tear flesh just so unless some how somone misses by half a foot or even if you get shot in the arm or leg you are still done for due to blood loss unless you have a tournakit and medical aid asap you are done for
  • NO. The impact of a sniper round hitting you from a mile away is approximately the same as a point blank shot from a pistol.

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