• Who made the rule about tolerance is the right thing to do? Was it some clown with his radio blaring, or wearing his pants down around his ankles or using language that would not acceptable in a whorehouse. Tolerance is a two way street and the quicker some learn that the better it will be for everybody. Mr BBill
  • tolerance is not always the right thing to do. sometimes one must act.
  • Tolerance is not always good. One shouldn't look away if there are bad things going on. If one totally agrees with something, one doesn't need to tolerate it, one just accepts it. So tolerance always includes something that one would rather not see, but the reasons to tolerate it are stronger. I would be very careful, and prefer to be called 'intolerant' than just look away. I use to say 'One should not argue about personal opinion, however, as soon as it comes to certainties and facts, one should stand up for the truth'. And especially if something hurts others, it's a shame to tolerate this.
  • If you are poking me with a stick, I'm going to lose my tolerance real quick.
  • Being tolerant does not in any way imply approval of wrongdoing or being blind to errors. Inspired by God, Paul advises us to be tolerant and forgiving. That counsel is as relevant today as it was when it was written almost two thousand years ago.

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