• In my opinion, Christianity is a false set of beliefs. How could an almighty being create a gay man, and then damn that man for being gay. It doesn't make sense.
    • OrangeDonRump
      "Christianity is a false set of beliefs" -- 100% correct, and nobody has ever proven otherwise!
  • It's covered in Romans & Leviticus either you belive in God or you do not have a nice day.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Why would anyone believe in the silly god you follow? None of you have ever proven it is real, so WTF... get over yourself!
  • Being gay wouldn't put you in hell according to the christian religion.
  • Piffle. What's normal? Where in the bible does it talk about homosexuals? Nowhere. It's all in the interpretation. Lighten up a little. He's your brother.
    • OrangeDonRump
  • According to the bible: - Insects have 4 legs - We have a solid roof over the world - Stars are tiny objects that will fall down when Jesus comes back to Earth - Bats are birds - the moon produces it's own light and so on. The bible is written and re-written by human beings. If the God of the bible would really excist, why would he be so cruel to create people (and animals!) who are attracted to their own sex, and then punish them for it?
  • Because what the Bible says and what people *think* it means can be two very different things...:-P... . . . .
  • I understand what you are saying and I sure don't have all of the answers nor does the people at your church or mine. I will tell you that you should not lose your faith in God and give up on being a christian. I have read some of your comments and I know that you feel like God has not answered your prayers so you like many feel that he doesn't care for you and you want to shut him out of your life. Life is full of questions that we will never be able to answer, only God knows why and we should always trust in him. Just pray for your brother that he will find peace within himself and that God will help him to overcome the feeling he has that he isn't normal. That is all you can do is pray for him and love him and let him know that God loves him too, no matter what. I am certain that only God can judge ones heart and only God knows who will be worthy enough to enter into the kingdom of heaven. I just hope that the God that I believe in is really how I see him and that he is a man that knows all things even before they happen to us, he does not expect us to be perfect for that is not possible but I believe that he can see our heart and he knows what we think in our mind and he is a merciful God that will forgive us all of our sins. There are no little ones or big ones and we all are sinners.
  • Never mind the senseless speech that Christian religion says about gay people going to hell, I'm pretty sure is not true
  • You have to understand that, first and foremost, Christianity is a religion of peace and love and hating people and sending them to hell is their way of showing that
  • There is a bit in the bible about buggery and sodomy being forbidden. So, in roughly the same area of the Old Testament, is having your menstrual period inside the camp, or not declaring yourself ritually unclean for a week afterward. So is owning anything with a spot of mildew on it, eating pork or shellfish. In the New Testament (the bit during and after the life of Christ) as well as in the OT in Proverbs there's just as much about pride, conceit, not sharing, telling lies, with just the same condemnation. Jesus said that if you were going to encapsulate the whole of God's message (and therefore the whole true meaning behind the bible irrespective of trimming and reinterpretation) it would be: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, body and strength, and Love your neighbour as yourself. (Not less than, more than, or with a few reservations.) Specks and beams. Even the Lords prayer says "Forgive us our sins AS we forgive those that sin against us) - not like, not because, but AS, ie 'in the same way/ the same measure. Forgive forgive forgive. It really is between your brother and God and not for us to judge or condemn, or we are all damned. I hope this helps!
  • Christian religion doesn't. Some Christian individuals think so. They are misinterpreting scripture. Homosexual rape is condemned in the Bible. Homosexuality, per se, is not. Promiscuity, whether homosexual or heterosexual is equally bad.
  • some "Christians" may say he is going to hell (which, by the way, is something no human is qualified to make judgement on), but Christian religion does not explicitly say so. you get punished when you are not sorry for sins. according to the Bible, or at least one interpretation anyway, is that homosexuality is a sin. so is lying, and pride. any sin can get you into hell, just like any sin can be forgiven. do not let others tell you otherwise, since no one can judge your brother or his actions except God.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Which god? is it the same one that nobody can prove is real?
  • Do you remember some years ago somebody in Britain wrote that Jesus had a homosexual relationship with a Roman soldier.He was charged with blasphemy and found guilty.I am sure everybody that believes in God and those who don't will go to Heaven,and it doesn't matter what sexual preferences a person has. And I do not believe there is a place called hell,but we humans are quite capable of making hell here on earth.
  • There's good news for your brother! He can be a heterosexual if he wants to! Overcoming unwanted behavior can be hard for anyone, especially unwanted sexual behavior, but he can do it through hard work and the love of God. There are NO studies which show homosexuality to be genetic- in fact, those done show exactly the opposite (among identical twins, if one is gay there is only a 20% chance the other is as well. This is higher then the random-guy-on-the-street-rate of 2-3%, but if it was a genetic trait it would be much higher). The biggest factor which seems to determine sexuality (this was determined through censuses in Denmark (the first country to legalize gay marriage) and polling) is the relationship you have with your parents, in particular, your father. Tell your brother to ask your church about their gay ministries, to see if they can help him. The reason why homosexuality can make people go to hell is because it is an unnatural behavior, a sin, which seperates people from God. Hell is eternal seperation from God, which is unbelievable suffering, but people choose to go their through their actions. I pray for you and your brother's happiness, and I wish you both good luck on your journeys through life.
  • I've said it before, and I'll say it again: It is not a sin to be tempted. Sexual impulses are not a sin! What is a sin is acting improperly on them. The Christian Bible teaches that all sexual acts outside of marriage are wrong. That meant that Christians who are not married have to control their urges. Same goes for homosexual urges.
  • Not all Christians believe this, only those who aren't really Christians at all. And he is 'normal' btw. There's nothing abnormal about being gay.
  • Because most of it makes no sense.
  • You're asking the right questions, your brother is your brother love him for who he is not what he is : ))
  • I agree with paw43 in that you should love your brother, but not his sin. Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with Jesus the Christ. As to why, I can't answer that. God says it is a sin and He cannot be in the presence of sin. God helps us work through things and all things are possible with God including defeating homosexuality. He defeated incest in my life. Sadly, no matter how good a person is, if that person doesn't have Jesus as Lord and Savior, then you don't go to heaven. As a Christian, you know this. Love your brother. Pray for his salvation fervently. Share the Good News of the Gospel with him. Seek the counsel of your pastor.
  • He is not going to hell. God may not like what he does but he is not going to hell for it. Truly gay people are born that way because when they are in the womb the mother goes through bad trauma during certain times of development. It's more sins of the fathers that are visited on the child.
  • If you look at the text where it speaks about it, it also lists gossip, stealing, adultry...etc. Um. If your brother isn't going to heaven, then most people who go to church aren't either. Shoot - Gossiping in church is almost a full-contact sport at most churches. I have a friend who came out of the closet a few years ago and was exhiled from the church we attended. Yet, no one in the entire church had ever been repremanded for gossip...weird how that works, ain't it? The bottom line - we're all sinners - we all deserve hell. It's only through Jesus, because of His grace that we're saved. NO ONE is better than anyone else, even at our best - God says what we do is like "filthy rags". Jeremiah 17:3 (maybe 4) says: "The heart is decietfully wicked above all else, who can possibly know it?" Love your brother - God does.
  • The christian religion is very great at condemning those they have been taught to be in "sin". I am a christian, and say to christians who say someone is going to hell for this or that is full of it as a Christmas turkey! They are judging others for things they are not to judge for...they cannnot live up to Matt. 22: 39 and condem someone to hell. I was trying to bring up the websites at but for some reason this evening they would not come up. This is a sight that deals with gay christians yes you read that correct. God loves gays and lesbians every bit as much has he loves the most sainted christian or God is a lier! Love your brother as commanded in Matt 22:39! I promise you as one of God's chosen, if he accepts Jesus as his Saviour and professes so to all then he will go to heaven NOT hell. By the way, I am not gay, but I do not condemn anyone who is gay or lesbian. I hope this helps.
  • I don't know what to say about why Christianity says that gay people are going to hell. I don't know the answer-to be honest, I don't think anyone does. It all boils down to how one *interprets* the bible which is different for everyone based on life experiences. What I do want to say is that I feel you are trying to redeem your brother as a good person even though he is gay. Being gay doesn't automatically make someone a bad person. Being gay is different from the mainstream, but it does not make someone a terrible people. Also, for your brother, I want to tell him that he *is* normal-for himself. He is normal. What a disappointment it is to know that gay people are subject to such torment in our society that he doesn't even feel normal. It is such a shame. A person should be judged on their behavior, not their sexual orientation.
  • Its not the part of him being gay that is a sin but the part of laying with a man with another man. God has rules and reasons why he says things. I knew men who were gay and christians and wanted to be straight and God had changed them. Do you have a pastor you can go to and talk that would be a good thing to understand it all. God loves us all but its the sin he hates. I really dont want to get into a discussion about the gay thing I love gay people and have known some great people who are gay. But I think your pastor can bring light to this for you so you can have peace. Blessing to you and your brother.

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