• Not based on that alone.
  • Yes I would, and I hope she will tell me if she didn't like me the most.
  • yes after some time
  • Since the situation has not presented itself, it is difficult to say for certain. I tend to think that I would forgive her if she was truly sorry -- but it would probably take years to regain my trust.
  • That would depend on a lot of factors like circumstance ( did my actions lead to a the conditions being ripe for an affair?), who the affair was with and how long it occured (was she seeing my grandfather for the last 10 years or did she think i was cheating and got drunk with her previously platonic friend and they agreed never to go there again?) In any case, it would be a long road back to trust. In my opinion hypothetical questions like this are often not answered truthfully because many of us react MUCH differently than we thought we would in a given situation. I have seen many people who claim they would not stay with someone who cheated, do just that. If we all did what we thought we would do in hypothetical situations, there would be no abused spouses or drug addicts.
  • If she admitted it then you should trust her but if it happens again then she has a problem she couldn't control so by that time you can make a decision whether to keep living with it or leave.
  • I don't think trust is something absolute, a yes-no decision. I never have an *absolute* trust in someone. In this case, I could possibly trust her less, but it would depend of the circumstances. Maybe she could realize fully her error and not want to do it again.
  • Thats an automatic divorce for me.
  • Not at all. as soon as i found out the ring would come off my finger and that bitch would be gone!!
  • whats the point of trusting again ? its all downhill from there.
  • My spouse he had done it. I would try to trust him again especially if i realize that something has been missing between us that we need to reinvent and I did not realize it.
  • I'd want to, but, I don't think I ever could. I can forgive, but I can't forget.
  • No, our marriage would be over.
  • Probably not, but Im not absolutely sure. I've always considered cheating, whether it be physical or emotional (its usually both, but not always) to be the ultimate form of betrayal. Once you've crossed that line, theres no way for your s/o to know if you'll never do it again.
  • nope nope nope!!!!!
  • I think this situation depends on a few things: did they come to you and admit it or keep it a secret and you found out? Are they 'genuienly' sorry and feel guilty about it or would they do it again, no problem? Did it happen once, was it a slip, or was it over and over again? I may get DRed lol, but that's how I see it...
  • If the underlying cause of why she cheated isn't fixed, then she cannot be trusted again.
  • Well I don't have a wife but if my husband cheated then although in time I would forgive him I could never trust him again and the relationship would be over. I don't want to be in a relationship where if he is late I wonder why, or if he goes for drinks I wonder who with.
  • I would want to trust her, but I don't think I would be able to.
  • I did. I don't forgive him though, nor will I forget. In honesty, my wife was very naive, and didn't realise his intentions until very late on after he had poisoned her against me, and he piled the charm on her 24/7 until she fell for it. He made her all sorts of promises about moving away, taking the kids too and starting afresh, until I found out, then he ran like the dog he is, and in my investigation I found out he has a fetish for sleeping with married women, he wont date single women, only chases after the married ones. So in the long term, yes, I forgive her, but it doesnt hurt any less.
  • it would be difficult... in time it may get easier... but to make the relationship work you really how to forget may be not forgive... if you don't let it go, then you will always argue... and wont be able to move on...
  • I don't know. I haven't been in that situation, so I can't say for sure. I think that I may forgive her eventually, but I would never trust her like I did.

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