• Based on your description, you are not married to her. She could not have contracted a valid marriage with you while married to someone else.
  • With a good lawyer I think you could argue ever having been married since polygamy is illegal and she was married when you married, so your marriage wasn't legal...
  • I think this would depend on where you live. You may want to go to your courthouse and see if you can find some free legal advise on this. Maybe their legal library. I would think that since she didn't technically get a divorce from her 1st until three years ago, then you won't have to deal with property/finances until that time (3 years ago) to now. But, I'm not an attorney, it's just an educated guess if you will. Good luck to you.
  • Im sorry to tell you but your 9yrs of marrage never legally existed. so the good new is now you wont have to pay her anything.
  • First off get a lawyer, a good divorce lawyer and you will have her for polygomy, and thid will negate any claim she has for divorce court she is in trouble now all you have to do is play it cool, it will take time, but don't forget why you are doing this and the law will see things in your favour

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