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  • I would be happy for him now that he is happy, and if communication was ok then yes I would want to see the kid!
  • Sure I would be happy for them. Gotta let stuff go in life and get on w/the love.
  • no, that's their life now and i need to graciously butt out and let them have it
  • Yes, I do see her. My ex husband did have a daughter with his girlfriend, he brings her by about once every couple months. We have two sons and it is their little sister.
  • Absolutely...............but don't get to :(
  • No, and I told him and his new wife to just send me pics of my kid.
  • well my dad's first wife, whom he's had two children with lives down the street. She's one of the nicest women i've ever met. She hugs me and says I'm pretty. She'd invite me over if I wanted to. She's been remarried for 25 years though.
  • Only if you be invided by them... otherwise if you want to be polite or so, the max you can do is to send the new wife a gift or a card.
  • If there are other children that you had together, this new child is their sibling, so yes. If this is his new family, and there is no reason for you to be involved, then no.
  • I don't know if i would go out of my way to see it, but if in the same vicinity, then i might.
  • The little one cant help it,never use your feelings against a chid
  • wouldnt bother me - it all depends if i still had feelings for him
  • i probably would, if we had kids together then we would have to be on speaking terms anyway to organise them and raise our own children, so i may as well see his child, afterall it would be our kids half sis/brother, if we had no kids and it was a messy split, then it would be fairer all round to leave them too it, for all of us, that child would have nothing to do with me at all!
  • Love never dies, it just changes partners. I'm speaking from a males viewpoint just because I'm not female... but yeah. There's bound to be a certain amount of the same kid I sired with my ex in their new "babu". Only thing I ever loved more than mares & foals are "lil" human beings! I do have two BOZO goats(I'm wandering here!) I raised JUST out of the womb, like bottle fed them every day(their mama's died at or just after birthing). If you never had "imprinted" goats you don't know what your missing, just nothing like Neuman & Pandora!!! Back on subject now, how could a person not love the innocence of a new born, even some one else's??? I mean love is precious why hoard it???
  • I can't imagine why someone would want to. Not any business of yours.
  • yes but i love to torture myself.
  • If my ex-husband and I were on friendly terms and he and his wife were in our circle of friends, certainly. My sister and her husband often visited her ex and his wife..they were good friends and when they divorced that friendship did not end..and each spouse was fine with it. :)
  • Probably just our of curiousity... I am not sure. I don't have the desire to see any of my ex boyfriends kids. Maybe if it was an ex husband I would. I think it is natural to want to just see what they look like.
  • Nope. I have not seen him in well over 20 years. Who cares.
  • I don't have an ex., but if I did I don't think I would care to see the baby. I would move on with my life & let him move on with his.
  • I can't imagine why

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