• Iraq...maybe it was that they were shooting at me that made me feel welcome! but it could be just me!!!! Just kidding it was Africa
  • India, their hospitality and kindness was unmatched.
  • The Netherlands. I was a stranger and I was greeted on the street often and the people were courteous and very friendly.
  • France but the southern portion. They wanted to prove to me that as long as I was respecting their culture they would be hospitable to me. They invited me to dinner parties and tried to teach me and learn at the same time. People can say what they want to about Paris and how rude people are, but it is just a big city. I mean you don't goto New York to find happy people do you?
  • Of all the European countries I have been to, the people of Amsterdam, Netherlands were the most friendly.
  • Egypt... Cairo, Taba Heights and Sharmal Sheikh
  • The people in Italy were extreamly friendly.
  • Parts of every country had some great and friendly people. I have also met some not so friendly from each of those countries. Honestly when it comes to people I see everyone no matter where they are all behave around the same. They all all a well mix of all personalities none better or worse then the next.
  • I have been to 6 different countries and even though I realized the way people were in this aspect was the same as America, I also realized that there is no certain country (out of the ones I have been to) where people are nicer, meaner, this way or that way in terms of attitude. It all depends on where you go. Example. In this small town in France called Toulon, there was alot of older people and there wasn't alot of clubs... So therefore it wouldn't be very friendly to a bunch of traveling teens. But if I had to pick one i would say Sweden. We got pulled into a conversation from the street by some people just because we looked different. They knew we were Americans from the start and wanted to talk to us about our country and stuff like that. It was a good time. I was always under the impression before I started traveling that foreigners didnt like Americans. But I was suprised by how many nice people I met in Sweden. Goteborg Sweden.
  • Canada. For whatever reason, everyone we came across was exceptionally kind.
  • People in Italy were very friendly. Also people in Stockholm, Sweden were nice. Not friendly...people in Russia
  • I've only been to two countries besides my own so far. The Canadians were very friendly. I was treated very well, even after they found out I was from the USA. The other country I visited, I was treated very rudely on the whole. They didn't like us at all, said that US citizens were the worst people they've ever met.
  • I've loved the people in Canada. They are really friendly, and happy, helpful and polite. Almost like stepping back in time to the 50s in the USA.
  • Ireland. We met so many wonderful people! They were great and some Welcoming.
  • Lord, that's a difficult one! I've been to a bunch of different countries in my time, and for the most part they ALL have had very friendly people. Though I can think of one in particular which seems to have more than it's fair share of rude people in general...but I will NOT name that one out of polite deference. Scotland stikes me as a country with very friendly people. It was the first foreign country I had visited and I remember going around to the various shops and just spending time talking to the locals. They were so helpful and appreciative of me wanting to learn something of their language and culture. They told me how to tell the difference between an Englishman and a Scotsman from across the street (wave at him...if he waves back, he's a Scot!). As well as Turkey, Israel, Italy, and Canada. There are others...don't take my lack of mentioning any given country as my belief that their people are not friendly. It may simply be that I haven't been there or that they are so numerous. The key to such friendliness? TRY to communicate in their own language, even if all you know is enough to say you don't speak their language very well. And learn a little about their culture.
  • Ireland - Amsterdam/Netherlands - Germany - Canada - England - Switzerland - France - Mexico - Belgium In some ways, I think the degree of friendliness is somewhat dependent on our own attitudes when traveling. I figure I'm a visitor so try to honor local language, learn traditions, do & learn things "their way" - not mine. I love meeting people and learning all those things & have found that a lot of folks - on the planet in general - are generally good, decent, friendly people. Only "not so much" folks I've met up with didn't seem to come based on which country. Instead, it was things like a job .. like busy officials at airports or train stations that kept them barking vs smiling. lol Ditto for a busy restaurant vs same one at an off hour .. for struggling through the language to order food. lol
  • My experience with people outside the U.S. is very limited..once a short trip to Windsor, Canada when I was visiting relatives in Detroit, Michigan and several times to Mexico...Tijuana and Rosarita Beach. Didn't have much interaction with the locals any of those times. So..when I travelled for a company I used to work for my travels took me among other places to Tulsa, Oklahoma several times a year. Talk about friendly people! I could live there happily forever. That was way back in the early 80's. I'm sure they're still as friendly as ever! :) ((hugs))
  • I've never traveled outside the US However my ex-husband had a lot to say about the people of Ireland on his recent trip there.Look if the Irish people could get along with him, and not kinda wan't to kill him (not that you heard it from me) well they must be really friendly as a people.
  • Srilanka, i know that sound strange but its true i have traveled half of the world and found srilankan the best host, there hospitality have no boundaries even if you are white or blcak or anything the treat you the same they dont cheat you being foreigner. Lovely experience
  • Italy was really friendly. Greece is always lovely too, with dead nice people. Just really chatty and generous and interested. I actually found America quite friendly as well. People seemed to be interested in the accent.
  • Ireland,Scotland,Tibet and Japan.They are real sweet people.
  • Holland, people are very easy going and friendly
  • i asked a similar question not too long ago and most people answered just as im doing now ~ there are friendly people the world over. but theres a happy, relaxed, friendly vibe amongst islanders and people who live near the ocean that is just beautiful ~ i felt an especially good connection with hawaiians and thailanders and costa ricans. they are some of the nicest, most gracious people you could ever hope to meet. :)
  • Believe it or not the Middle East. I've been to a few countries there and the people are really nice.

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