• My mother in law just got the Lap-Band. So far it is working but she hasn't been on it for a month. If you are looking to do this i would look at all the pro's and con's.
  • Yes. There is a lady I know who had it done about 5 months ago. She has lost weight, but she says she feels sick all the time and her hair has started to fall out from not being able to eat enough. She does take supplements and follows her doctors directions, but she can only eat a few spoon fulls of "approved" food every few hours. She looks miserable and I hope what weight she drops is worth it.
  • No,but if you consider it good luck...(you're in charge don't let anybody tell you differently)
  • Yes. Two people, 1 female she had it done 1 1/2 year ago and looks great. She was sick off and on the first few months. Another 1 a male had it done about 4 years ago and he lost weight, looked good, but didn't change the way he eats and started gaining the weight back.
  • I have. I have lost 181 pounds with the Rue-N-Y procedure. I have had no problems with it. I know people that have had it and had lots of problems, but luckily I have not. For me, it was a life altering decision that I am glad I took.

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