• Many dimensions may exist around us without us noticing.
  • There are many more dimensions than just 3. Time is also a space related dimension. In 3 dimensional objects, color is another dimension and so on.
  • If there is a fourth dimension, there is a way to find it. What is the fourth dimension? Diagonality? Heightextron? If you find out what the fourth dimension is, then there is a fourth dimension!
  • Time is generally regarded as the 4th dimension. However, there are theories of physics, especially in the relatively new "string theory", which posit *many* dimensions, often as being sort of tiny little curled-up "tubes" hidden within the familiar 3 dimensions. These theories use mathematical models to do their noodling, nobody can actually do a good job of imagining what such dimensions are like, if they actually exist. Our brains just aren't wired for that.
  • According to the latest theory in physics, string theory says that we are living in an 11 dimensional space-time fabric. Time is one of them. The remaining five are so small and curled up in a way we cannot see them. Those dimensions are only accessible by sub particles.
  • Yes, we all know it as time.
  • There are definately more than just there, take time & space for example. We can't see them but we know they exist.
  • We do know that space and time are dimensions. Only we haven't yet understood them well enough. There could be even more dimensions which our 5 senses are incapable of detecting. To understand them new instruments may be needed. But as ordinary people better leave the research to qualified scientists. Let us enjoy life as it is for the timebeing.
  • Dimensions don't actually "exists". They are just abstract mathematical models we use to organize the overwhelming amount of information that we get through our senses. But they are so convenient a lens that we think of them as real to the extent that they actually shape our perception of the world. There can be as many "dimensions" as you like.
  • Here's a good Wikipedia article on the subject: I don't think it would exist without us knowing. I figure if it existed, we would see bits of an object appearing in our 3 diminsions, getting bigger, then smaller--think of the slicing of an onion or carrot--little slice first, then big slice, then small.
  • I believe that many parallel dimensions coexist around us, coiled up in Calabi Yau shapes or cosmic strings.
  • According to the M theory, we might be living in an 11th dimension world in which the remaining 8 dimensions are so tiny for the largest microscope to see. Only 3 dimensions became big enough for us to fit in.
  • Better search Google or ask Stephen Hawking
  • What dimension would you place plain though?
  • There was a paper I read a while back on the hypothesis that there are multidimensions and multi universes out there ( but not infinite). What we call "time travel" could simply be "moving" into one of these alternative dimensions which would be either "ahead" or "behind" us. It was a long while back, will dig it up later.
  • 10-5-2017 Anything you can measure is a dimension. I once worked on a six-dimension milling machine. But three of those dimensions were angles. If you want to talk about your basic physical dimensions of height, width and depth, there are exactly three. If their were a fourth physical dimension, knots would not stay tied and blood would not stay in arteries.
  • i dont think anyone knows that
  • String Theory would suggest there are 10 or more. However time is usually considered the fourth dimension and I certainly hope you're aware of it.

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