• I lock it every time.
  • Yes, I always leave it on or shut it down. Sometimes I put it in standby. I really ought to be more careful about it.
  • Laptop: I hibernate it. Desktop: I shut it off completely. No sense burning power for the computer to sit there, and I don't like leaving the computer at risk to automated attack when I'm not on it.
  • I rarely ever shut my computer off at night since I am usually downloading songs/movies/tv shows. Plus, I have difficulty sleeping and a lot of times late night I will just pop up out of bed and surf the web - so I want to internet easily accessible not have the computer off.
  • I always leave it on as a night light. But if I fall ill, the electronic interference from it and vibrations tend to make me feel sicker so I'll turn it off. Sometimes for days if I was really feeling sick.
  • I always leave it on. Sometimes when I'm in my bed, I hear it reset itself. It's all like; BEEEP then I'm all, f*** you then. XD
  • The vast majority of the damage done to your computer will occur during power-up. If you leave your computer on all the time, it will extend its lifespan. It's true that you will be using a bit more energy -- relatively little, since the computer is idle -- but this is more than offset by the extension of the lifespan of your computer components, which take a great deal of electricity and water to manufacture, and which contain heavy elements toxic to the environment when disposed of. Note, however, that if your computer is on all the time, it will constantly be acquiring dust. This makes it absolutely necessary to blow out the dust regularly or you'll actually be decreasing your computer's lifespan.
  • I turn it off at night.
  • My 'puter runs 24/7/365. We never close. :)
  • I always shut it down at night but after some of the info I've just read here, I'm thinking I should just leave it on.
  • I put it on "sleep function" usually . It is an energy saver and it allows scheduled maintenance programs to operate.
  • I turn it "off" and it goes into a sleep mode..however, my DSL connection is on constantly so that when I turn it back "on" in the morning it comes up instantly! Happy Sunday! :)
  • shut it down, of course. I also shut it down if I leave it for more than a few hours
  • Leave on the desktop but shut down the laptop because of overheating.
  • turn off the screen. but I have back-up screens and remote access as long as the server is running
  • always on
  • Shut down.........DONT WASTE ENERGY
  • always shut it down to avoid viruses and reduce my electric bill
  • i have to leave it on for my job
  • I shut it off whenever I am not using it.
  • leave it, I have the hibernate function so it goes on it's own.
  • You should shut your computer off at night, for a couple reasons. The obvious one is that it saves power. Depending on the size of your computer, you could be saving upwards of $50-$100 a year on your electric bill, and that's a conservative estimate. Additionally, your computer has caches which fill up with temporary data as you're using your computer, allowing it to prioritize your activities. Once they're all filled up, your computer will start to run more slowly, which is why you'll notice that you speed up drastically when you restart. Finally, the constant heat being sent through everything electronic causes wear over the years, which you're not helping by letting it run when you don't use it. Having said that, yes, I leave my computer on all night. I hate having to wait forever for it to restart!
  • I always shut it down at night. For some reason, I can't sleep with it.
  • for me i don't shut down my computer i hibernate my p.c so when you turn it on again from hibernation, it will still be back on your save work and you will no longer wait for long startup and the good thing is if your working on something it will not be erase because its just hibernating your work will still be there the computer is just resting but not totally off

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