• Yes, an aluminum Christmas tree that was my grandmother's. I loved it as a child, and it's still the only one I'll ever put up.
  • Yes the memories, and I will always have them till the day I die and pass the stories down to my girls. So that they can share them.
  • My fathur gave me his Holy Book a few months before his fatal accident and I plan on giving it to Barack if the american people elect him in the year would be too much of a 'red herring' this year!
  • I have all of my fathers collections, his company, and, everything else that was his. I have no idea what I will do with it. His collections are in climate controlled storage and has been since his death. His company I retired from but retained the controlling percentage. I have no children so I guess it will just sit there till I die then be auctioned or something. :)
  • Yes, I have my fiances suit, leather jacket, voice recordings, and some shirts. I had boxed them and plan to hold on to them for about twenty years and give them to his sons.
  • Yes a few things. My grandmother gave me her initial ring many years ago, very touching as I was her grandchild she saw the least, so maybe I didn't take her for granted or abuse her talents like the ones she lived near did. I do feel very touched that she gave it to me, through my mom. I have a pewter dish that was from my dad's side of the family and then we have many things from my husband's side of the family, the family desk, his dad's pocket watch, some treasured books and many tools he used. PLus two lifetimes of memories. What will we do with them? I'm not sure, as we don't have children, but if we find special people to pass them down to, we will:-)
  • Since I am family historian, I have many things that belonged to dead relatives. I have my paternal great-grandmother's Prayer Book/Hymn Book. I have my paternal grandmother's salt shakers and spoons, I have my mother's Prayer Book/Hymn Book, my mother's Bible, lots of documents of my father's and photographs going back 6 generations. They will all be donated to the Society of Australian Genealogists along with my research.
  • Yep... A shadow-box shelf unit, a book case, some decorative plates, bookshelves, THOUSANDS of pictures and documents (I'm supposed to scan them and put them on DVD for my father and uncles - VERY slow-going), right now!), various nic-nacs, my great-grandfather's bible (he was a minister), and probably a lot more. ;-) What will I do with it? Hopefully, someone from my family will want those things NOT the pix and docs. As for those, if they don't want them, I hope they give them to a library, genealogical or historical society in the town/city in which my grandparents lived during the time of the pix.
  • I will one day (hopefully a long time from now) get a lot of things my parents inherited. I mean, a lot of physical things. I don't think I need to keep them though. I have memories.
  • i have some old letters and a few pieces of jewelry
  • Many items. I was the only child who had room to take items from our parents home after they passed away. Most are stored in my basement now. I will pass them to my daughter. I have given her small items that were my mothers.
  • One of my favorite things (and there are many things that have been passed down) is a book of poetry that belonged to my dad. He gave it to me many years ago and I will one day give it to my son who is also a poet.
  • yes I have my dads lovely mantle clock, it is a chiming clock, I will keep it, I asked specifically for it..........:)
  • A very annoying little lap-dog was still around after a relative died. I'm talkin' *really* annoying! But because she was "papered" and hence so "valuable", a neighbor adopted her right away! ;-)
  • A very old wing chair that was my mil's. Hubby's Grandpa's wooden table that he made. Fil's set of The Books of Knowledge. The chair goes to my niece when we're gone. The rest is undecided.
  • I was the only granddaughter among 8 grandchildren, so my grandma favored me a little over the others. Every time I visited her, she'd give me a keepsake from her "travel chest," where she kept old souvenirs from her trips to other countries. I have all of them now, on display throughout the house.
  • Yes ... I have a handed down Viking Dagger, made by my ancestor in 852 A.D.
  • Eear debtahals wears a curiosity COAT, Thank you for your kind words; I will take them to heart. Kindness and compassion are in very short supply in my life and all those who share my pride in no less of a place than this Nairobi slum! Regards, George Hussein Obama
  • I have a kitchen utensil that was used by my grandmother. I also have my mother's watch and wallet. I will probably pass those on to one of my nieces.
  • My grandfathers bible, my fathers bible The big family bible that use to set upon the coffee table Large box of BW photos from many generations on both sides, dating back to late 1800's photos albums from the yrs my step-dad was in the service and all the places he went for 20 yrs. jewelry from mom, special lady who I thought of like a grandma,Dad Bell collection was my grandmothers angel collection was my Mom's My Dads car among others stuff, these things will be pasted down to son& daughter and to grandkids and even on to nieces working on document that lays this all out.
  • baby pictures

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