• maybe its not your responsibility to tell her. Let her find out on her own. Just be there for her when she needs you.
  • She will have to suffer her own misery and heartbreak. You are a good friend with good advice but your friend will not accept it. Isn't it ironic?
  • First of all, I'd ask her if she really wants to be in a relationship with the sort of man who would cheat on his wife? I mean, what makes her think that such a dishonorable man will honor her? Second, when she points out how horrid his wife is or whatever excuse he's fed her for his disloyalty, ask her what will happen when things get tough in THEIR relationship. Does she expect that he won't use, on another girl, the same lines that he's used on her? Dishonorable men, no matter what circumstances you put them in, will always be dishonrable men.
  • maybe you should find a new friend, that one's not very smart if you've just got to hang with this girl ask her what she thinks will happen? then whatever she says tell her she's a loser ok, that's a little harsh, help her find someone else or talk to the guy if you really want to get in the middle of things, but that will work, be ready for your friend to be upset with you
  • +5. Tell her that you've given her your point of view, and if she chooses to not listen, you don't have anything else to say on the matter. But she shouldn't come to you for advice any more, either. You have already said your piece, and it is what it is.
  • Some things fall under the heading of life lessons and unfortunately this may be one that she has to learn on her own. Try to be there for her when her world comes crashing down, but that's all you can really do. Just be a good friend.
  • Try a different poitn of view. Ask her if she really wants to be with a man who has cheated on his wife? What makes her think he wont cheat on her? Is it becuase he's "different"? because if so, thats right, decent husbands wouldnt be getting in relationships that would hurt the relationship without giving it a fair chance or talkign it over with his wife. Also, does he have children? Does he like children? If she does, try bringing them up. Ask how her how's she'd feel if a woman helped tear apart her parents relationship. Ask her if she's even htinking about the children, or giving his marriage a fair shot. But honestly, she's gong to believe what she wants...I feel like women who get into relationships like these are usually selfish, something has to snap them out of it. Either someone treating them that way, or them being able to seethings from someone elses point of view.
  • Just tell her flat out that if he is cheating on his wife, odds are he will ultimately cheat on her too. Unless she's into it just for the sex, there isn't a bright future.
  • There's no point telling her anything because she won't listen.
  • I would tell her that if he will cheat on his wife with her, what makes her think he would not cheat on her with another.
  • he might be filling a need for her right now - what are her expectations??? maybe she just wants a screwbuddy - he certainly isnt bf or husband material
  • You've already done all you can do. This is her choice, no matter how wrong or how much she will get hurt. can't live someone's life for them. She'll find out you were right eventually.
  • Why do you say it won't work. Lots of women like and thrive on being the other woman?
  • I don't think you can do anything else. She has to find out for herself that he will probably do the same thing to her that he's now doing to his wife. Even when guys such as this do leave their wives, they often don't marry their woman on the side and it's not uncommon for them to find yet another woman on the side before long.
  • We really can't get anything through another person's head. The sooner you learn that the happier you will be. "To thine own head be true."

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