• That fact is not even in the running for the NUMEROUS reasons that I won't be voting for him.
  • I'm not voting for him because he has socialist policies. He thinks America is a giant tit that everyone should suckle but what happens when the milk producers get pissed and leave?
  • I am voting for him for many reasons. His being black is just the icing on the cake. Can't wait to see how the world reacts to a black U.S. president.
  • His name matters more than his skin. He dismisses his name and adverse responses to his name because they think it is "funny" or "weird", but in fact, it is Arab, and while it may be beside the point, the fact that the media is still in bed with him means that he is hiding some heinous secrets and is truly the mole of the Arabs.
  • Is that how you decide who to vote for in the US ?? Oh!! On the way someone looks! i wondered how Bush got in the fist time never mine the second! you must have liked the cut of his jib!!!! thats makes sence now!!
  • I don't care if someone is flipping mutated. If I like their ideas, and how they say they'll run the country, I will vote for them
  • No, I am not voting for him because I'm very afraid of what will happen to this country if he gets in. I'm not a McCain fan either.. I just fear Obama more. If Colin Powell had run, I would have voted for him and he is black.
  • To tell the truth, I can't get past his being a socialist to find out if he's black. . BTW, Tiger Woods isn't black. .
  • I am not voting at all! I never have!
  • There are a LOT of reasons not to vote for him. That isn't one of them. I can think of a number of people much "blacker" than he is who I'd jump at the chance to vote for. Race and skin color are irrelevant. It's those pesky opinions, beliefs and plans for the country which do Obama in.
  • I am voting for Obama because I like his ideas and politics.
  • I AM voting FOR O B A M A
  • I am not voting for Obama because he is too young.
  • um no.... i'm not voting for a socialist period. and it irks me how every issue people seem to take with him seems to be turned into a racial issue. I don't like his policies or beliefs. does that mean i don't like him because he is black? no. it means i don't like him for what's underneath the black.
  • I am NOT voting for Obama because he is a socialist!
  • Obama being black has nothing to do with the reason I will not vote for him. :)
  • I would never vote or not vote for someone because of the color of their skin. That being said... a lot of people here know me. AB isn't some anonymous forum. The relationships here are real and substantial, and I always hold myself accountable to the respect and gratitude of my friends when I participate. Just wanted to throw that in there as an additional response to the question :)
  • The color of his skin isn't an issue to me. However, the content of his character and his political ideas are. I disagree with his plans for my country, and I'm hoping that we never have to experience the "change" that he has in store for us. Therefore, I won't be voting for him.
  • Go Obama. He has got my vote!
  • Nope, race doesn't matter a bit with me. In fact, I'm excited that this election is going to have at least SOME kind of first, either a first black president, or a first woman VP. I vote on issues, on character, and who I think will do the best job for the country. Unfortunately, we have to pick from the two that have basically been given to us.
  • my decision to vote for Obama has NOTHING to do with race. I am voting because I honestly, in my heart, feel he is the better candidate and will do the better job. I could care less if he's black or blue or orange (though that would be interesting conversation).
  • LoL... no... he's mulatto like me, but that has absolutely nothing to do with my decision to vote for him. Actually Hillary was my first choice ;)
  • Everyone knows me. I am voting for Obama. This whole race issue is illusory, manufactured and phony. We all started out from the same source..whether you are religious or not, that is irrelevant. We all have the same blood running in our veins..we are all brothers and sisters. So..if you don't vote for Obama, you are voting against your own kind. Happy Friday! :)
  • nope. i'm voting for him b/c i think he is a better candidate thank mccain/palin.
  • Good luck! You are ignorant, arrogant, uninformed, gullible and easily fooled. Just the kind of follower Obama is attempting to lure. I will waste no more of my time with fools such as you.
  • I am not voting for him because of constitutional issues, Obama does not represent our constitution in a manner it was meant to be.
  • Regardless of his color, if the man seems genuine and wants the best for his country and is not power-hungry, I am all for it no matter who it is. I am female, but I would never vote for Hillary because of it. She has contradicted herself on some very key issues, so it was on to someone else for me. I'd vote for a pig farmer in overalls if he was genuine and had a spine.

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