• Yes I have made memory boxes for my children and my grandchildren and I save various things, personable to each one. When they grow up it really seems to be something they treasure and has alot of meaning. My daughter told me it made her feel like her whole childhood was important to me and not just certain parts. That made me feel good also
  • Apart from school photos and other photos....I only saved my son's teddy bear and giraffe. He is 34 now. How I wish I had saved so much more than these.
  • Oh my goodness you would not believe what we've saved from their childhoods. Well, we've got one in jr. high so that's still an ongoing project. My wife and I are packrats, so we've got all their old notebooks, school photos, a bunch of tests, essays, science fair projects, homemade halloween costumes, books, trinkets, toys, etc...even baby teeth!(Gross, I know) I hope that they respond the same way I did when I found my old stuff from my youth. What a day of smiles!
  • I have six clear plastic bags full of childhood teddybears, pictures I had drawn and other things likemy first day in school :)
  • My mum has. She's kept so much stuff. Pictures and letters and cards and things from when I was little. I'm telling you, the five year old me wasn't the best at spelling my own name.
  • My parents did and I am doing the same with my daughter.
  • Absolutely. In a box on the top shelf of my closet is my son's security blanket, worn, tattered, and changed from blue to pink from when I accidentally washed it with this throw-rug from the foyer. It got so beat up, we actually bought him an exact replica and asked our friend Louise to "repair" Blankie with "magic thread", just so our son could have his cherished blanket for a little while longer. But we still have the original, and always will.
  • Yes I do. I have their crib cards, blankies, some of my fav. outfits, some of their first toys and pictures they drew.
  • Yes....My daughter is only 4 but I've been saving some her and our favorite outfits of hers. (shoes too) something she can share with her kids too.
  • Yes, I have and still do save things for my daughter. Her vest from Brownies and Girl Scouts, programs from plays she was in, musical programs, ribbons from fair contests she entered, lots of costumes (that I made just for her) for Halloween or special events (like plays or ballets), first birthday, and too many other things to name, plus lots and lots of pictures. There were things from when I was a kid that I don't have and now I'm a saver because of it, LOL. I figure if she doesn't want the stuff when she gets older at least that will be her decision. My mother, a very difficult person, destroyed a lot of my memories and bragged about it later. :( I don't want my daughter thinking "if only such-and-such were still around" LOL.
  • I use to have 4 each of their baby outfits in a bin, folded & pressed. But then a meddlesome RELATIVE came over when we were having a garage sale and decided to sell the whole bin for $5!!! I have no idea who got my precious keepsakes. I have nothing to give their children now-as my kids are teenagers and everything else was given away years earlier. No, I haven't forgiven my relative for THAT.
  • i have shoes, 1st outfits, fav toys, momentoes off christmas trees, candles, keepsakes from birthdays, lucky bags his cousins and family got.....already got a trunk full and hes only 2.
  • I have boxes of all kinds of toys and items saved from my daughter's youth.
  • Yes, indeed. My "child" is 42. I gave him some of them when he moved out to his own place after college. I still have some. When the time comes, I think he will enjoy seeing them again! :) ((hugs))
  • i am very sentimental and a hoarder! i hate throwing things away and keep as much as i can including 4 bad memories a photo of me and my 1st love i even have the 1st alchoal drink bottle i bought after turning 18...i know sad...
  • Yep. I've saved baby blankets, cards they've made me, things they've made in preschool and school. I've saved uniforms and graduation cap/gown. I also saved for them to show their children, their report cards all the way through school and even their notes home for bad behavior!
  • I have been. I was recently disappointed when he said that when the time comes he is probably just going to throw all the "junk" out that my house is full of. I'm trying to label and write the story behind some of the better things.
  • I have a little piece of each time in their lives. Like the outfit they wore home from the hospital and a communion gown, baby shoes, etc. I still have a paper candycane that my 28-year old daughter made in pre-kindergarten and a an ornament she made from her face on a body that looks like a choir gown. I have my eighteen year old son's first ornament he made, and a variety of items from throughout his life. I even have a braided pony tail from when he was maybe 3 years old. Weird, huh?!
  • I don't have andy children but I will if I had

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