• you leave him simple and go somewhere he can never find should have to find ways to protect your self take ur self out of the situation..if u think you have no where to go you can go to a refuge theres lots around there is help there for you,you just need to be strong and make that step and leave good luck i wish you well
  • That's just the beginning- get a medical report if you have injuries, go find a safe place to stay. Find a good counsellor and get some more advice. in the meantime - keep your faith and be assured my prayers are with you.-chitra -
  • hit him first and harder then get out of there
  • A 12 gage shotgun comes to mine.
  • Call a womens refuge somehow, just not from your own home, they can arrange a safe place to collect you and your children.
  • Have you got the option of leaving him SAFELY without him knowing or harming you? If you can .. do it! Get your things and go when he's not around... go somewhere SAFE! If not... ring the police .. you need to phone the police so that they he's locked up ... that gives you ample time to get your things and go somewhere SAFE... Life's not about being battered its about living and experiencing happiness...
  • Divorce.
  • Watch the movies Enough and Sleeping with the Enemy. Not to make light of the subject but those woman got to the point where they had to do something about it and did!!!
  • Divorce him
  • first , know you are not at fault . he has no right to abuse you . seek help and move with a relative for your safety . And file as many police reports that you can
  • When he moves in close, to grab or strike you flick your hand into his nuts. Men instivlly guard/avoid kicks or knees there but slaps/flicks arn't defended against. After the first strike continue the momentium raising your arm so your elbow/forarm strikes his chin then whip your arm around to strike him in the side of his neck for a KO. if he is drunk however he won't respond to the nut slap so instead drop your weight as you throw a fist into his gut (which will cause a mean drunk to vomit all over his shoes) then continue by bringing your fist up under his chin(uppercut)and continuing upwards strike his chin with an elbow before doing the above mentioned arm whip to the side of the neck. Once he is unconcious get out of there and dissapear contacting what ever abused woman resources you can... Note that inthe first senerio (him not drunk)just allow your arms to hang at your sides and in the second hold your hands high like you are covering your heart with your hand. Neither will make you look like you are going to attack so he will be caught off guard. Practice the two combinations in the air (since you won't likely have a training partner) visualizing him as you do,so you will get the momvment down and won't have to think about it when you need it. Oviousally this should be done while he isn't watching you. Violent abusers tend to freeze up when they become the one being attacked so be as agressive as you can if you raise your back like a cat does when it is getting into a fight it will help. The raising of the back should be timed with the first strike. And if something goes wrong to prevent you from completing your combo just keep hitting him til he stops... Anyway good luck and remember to get out...
  • People think of a battered spouseas always being the woman as victim! That isnt alwaays the case> I had to have my alcoholic wife removed from the home then divorced her! Battering spouses never change and there is no love there!
  • ever see the movie TEETH?
  • by dumping him and calling the police on him

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