• Im at my grandsons birthday party tomorrow, then sunday is my rest day.:)
  • I am at work from 3pm this afternoon, until 11pm Sunday night. *sigh* Monday night is a nice anniversary dinner with my hubby, though! *grin*
  • I have to write a research paper and work:):) Wow that's sounds fun!!:) I am such a looser:):)
  • Saturday I am planning on spending most of the day at the barn: taking a lesson, schooling and cleaning all my tack. In the evening I am going to a "Moon Bounce Party" (nothing like a bunch of drunken fools jumping around in a moon bounce). Sunday I'm going to a Bengals game, tailgating beforehand of course.
  • its my sons 7th birthday party on saturday, fried chicken and corn on the cobb roasted with butter
  • My pc. broke down for about 3 weeks and I have a lot of catching up to do. :)
  • I plan to sit home and relax..maybe go outside and enjoy the weather some. I have had 2 surgeries in 2 weeks and I really need to catch up on rest and just relaxing
  • I will be answerbaging, reading, walking, painting, spending time with my family, watching to see which bank falls next!
  • We're going out to eat Greek food tonight and see a belly dancer. I haven't been to this place in years, but I figured my 8 year old would love to see the belly dancer.
  • To turn up at yours and we can jump in the jacussi ha
  • I need to clean my place and then go shopping.. On sunday, I am so going to a movie and hang out with some friends.. Do you wish to join us Moto?
  • Well its Sunday so I already did... Friday:Slept at Dads,made him an apple pie,cleaned his fishtank out so he could put it away.Hooked up his DVD player for him.Had a nice visit. Saturday:Came home from Dads and painted the new wall in the basement(second coat).Swept all the floors.Washed all the floors.Cleaned all the windows(tons of dead flies*gross*)Called a few friends over,went to M&M meat shop and got some hourderves.We all got together and played Yahtzee and laughed our fool heads off.Cleaned up after the friends left.Did a little drunk A/B. Sunday: A/B morning!Now I am heading for the basement to complete the cleaning process!Phew I am tired!
  • Hey Motto, I like the new avatar! Check out the attack that happened to me!

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