• No , let it be . If he wants to come back he will don't worry about that. However , from previous experiences I've usually found this meant it was over ,although I hope this is not the outcome in this case. Good luck !!
  • Don't contact him. Let him come to you first.
  • I would only advise you to respect his wishes and to stay away a little bit longer, but dont let it go on too long or that can end a relationship! Missing someone is very sad but somehow we have to be strong!
  • It's best not to. Many people don't think "breaks" are legitimate in a relationship, and that it automatically equates to "break-up". I disagree. I think breaks can be good if they are handled well. I would avoid contacting him, especially if he's the one who initiated the break. Although you miss him, it may just show him how much he misses you as well. Sometimes breaks are good for forcing both parties to step back and really appreciate what they're missing when they're apart, instead of taking it for granted.
  • Time to move on. He has.
  • In my experience, they only come back from a "break" when they know that you're really giving them space. it's hard when you don't know how long the break is for, though.
  • One question no-one has asked, how long has it been? If it's been a day or two, certainly not! But if it's been a few weeks / months ....
  • I am going through the same thing. I think it really depends on the guy. We have been together for 10 months and our problems over time were brought up by me and conversations initiated by me. Last week he made the call to break up. I felt my heart rip out and felt very lost. Did I mention, we met at work? After the week progressed, we had a calm mature talk together and now its more of a "break." Neither of us were sure what that really meant. I am hoping that this weekend will include more convos and progress. It is so hard to wait and be patient, but its for the best. Men (especially mine) normally need more time to think about things than women do. I figured out how I felt within a day or so; I know he still needs time. Good luck and if its meant to be, it will. Then again, it cant hurt to prepare for the bad news.
  • if you contact him, you will regret it later, i can promise you that!
  • Contact him. Just do it. It will consume you eventually. Of course, you're taking a hell of a risk by contacting him, but you might as well... the longer you remain in the dark, the longer you you will be without answers. If it ends badly, you shouldn't regret contacting him... everything happens for a reason, and it's best that you know where you guys stand. Of course, if he needs more time and space, then he should be mature enough to simply tell you.
  • Give him at least two weeks before contacting him. This is the worst feeling in the world I know. But they are too cowardly to end it sometimes. Take it like a break up and don't let him make you wait and wait for him. But you should know what he is doing, if he is just being to cowardly to break it off.
  • WOW! This is tough and I know..I think all of us girls do! I would give him space, but easier said than done. You know the saying "if you let someone go and they come back, it's meant to be"? Thing is, why is he wanting a break?
  • in my own experience, do whatever it takes NOT to contact him. Be as positive and upbeat as you can and if HE gets in contact he will want to know more about why you're having a great time without him. It really won't be what he's expecting and i can tell you if you remain cool and upbeat, and leave it up to him the ball is in your court. Either way, you'd have made yourself stronger by coping with it. Good luck with what you decide though.
  • im in the same situation ... He's having a blast where he is right now(we live together) he's coming back tonight , and im leaving tomorrow for 2months. We broke up last summer and i gave him so much space that he came back to me. I didn't call him , i only texted him when i need to like : hey where's the key for the laundryroom. but seriously just give it a break take care of yourself , have fun and maybe you guys will come back together
  • It's probably best to move on.

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