• Wires not connected maybe.. or the memorychip or whatever holds there memory there is broken..
  • Sounds like you'll need to test a few things to narrow-down the problem. First thing i'd do is take the battery out and any memory chips you have, then put them back in and retry it. If you have a power-adapter, try that instead of the battery and if it works then you know it's the battery - if it still doesn't work it's either the memory chip/card or the display maybe? Did you drop or jar it? Check out the Playstation forums for some answers to these symptoms as well, and if it's still under warranty, get it replaced for free.
  • how long have you had it
  • let me stell u something i play my psp every day and i charge it when its out of battery.and if u charge it when u have 1 or 2 bars it will start doing that. tip:charge when its out of battery

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