• I had the same problem. There is a vent under the dashboard on the passenger side. It slides to the right or left, if you slide this in the opposite direction from where it is right now it will allow you to adjust the temperature. It seems the little plastic clamp is not strong enough to handle moving the vent when the temperature control knob is turned instead the arm that adjusts it pops loose.
  • I have a 2002 kia sedona and no matter what i did, I could not get my heat to work. We changed out the thermastat - flushed the radiator - found a kink, but still no heat. Finally we figured out the problem, the control knob is stripped and stuck on cold. We popped off the panel and manually changed the knob to hot. Now I am looking for that little plastic knob (prolly $5) but cant find it anywhere!
  • I have a 2002 kia spectra. No matter which way I turn the temperature knob, it's heater doesn't work, a/c is just fine. I looked thru the owner's guide to be able to pin point the Fuse to see if that's out, but no success. The book doesn't tell you if and which fuse is for Heat. So, im thinkin it might just be the knob as well. Unfortunately its out of warranty.
  • we have a kia spectra, our heater would not work, only blow cold air.... I got under the dash on the passanger side, and there is a brass extention that hooks onto a white dish (like thing) and I just hooked it back on to the white thing, and my heater started working... Good Luck

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