• Not all DVD players, especially older ones have to ability to read home burned discs. My DVD player can't but the computer can and my brothers portable player can. So you may need to buy a newer one. Before you do, check that you burned it as a movie disc and not a some sort of data disc that only computers would be able to convert to image.
  • Also, make sure you "closed" the disc. Discs that are "open" (can accept more data) will play on a computer DVD drive, but not a regular player.
  • Recordable discs have a much smaller difference in reflectivity between the "1" and "0" than a normal DVD. I forget the exact numbers off the top of my head, but it something like 75% versus 15% or something similarly dramatic. DVD burners have no problems with these discs as they are designed to handle them, but some older drives may not be so accommodating.
  • DVD's come in DVD+R and DVD-R. Your home DVD player probably can't read DVD+R. If you can find your manual for your DVD player, it should tell you in the "specifications" section, whether or not it reads DVD+R. If you don't have your product manual, you can try searching for it on the internet under the brand name.
  • I don't have an answer but I just want to know how did you burn your videos on the DVD+R?
  • Hey in response to the comment by Karl Plesz how do you "close" a disc??
  • Make sure your videos are in the right format so a DVD player can play them.
  • ChrisDG is right about the DVD players. You have to look at the specs before buying one to make sure they read DVD+-Rs. Also I have had problems with certain encoders. I use WinAVI and Nerovision and have had no problems.

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